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Just Write Things Team - Just Write Things

Meet the Architects of Just Write Things!

Just Write Things is nothing but purely a team effort. This is a team of people who wish to share their knowledge and express their opinions over different topics going around in India and in the world.

Parth Parikh

Position: Founder, Writer, Editor in Chief

A Chartered Accountant, Parth Parikh is a 22 year old aspiring writer. He loves to express his views on every topic on earth he is aware of! Passion in his veins, love in his heart and work on his mind keep him alive. Born with love for writing in his blood and having an experience of working with multiple websites, he now wishes to start a venture of his own in the form of Just Write Things. 

Jatin Parikh

Position: Web Developer and Site Manager

An Engineering Student, Jatin is a highly skilled and efficient web developer. Hardworking, passionate and dedicated, Jatin has high aims and goals in life and he is constantly working towards the same. Smart yet humble, his friends describe him to be a very caring and motivated person. A team leader in true sense, Jatin handles all the back end of the website with utmost ease.

Madhur Nigam

Position: Featured Writer

Madhur loves to see the ‘punny’ side of things. Slightly introvert and highly sarcastic in nature, he loves sharing his opinions on Bollywood, cricket and write poems with a blend of Urdu and Hindi.

Kanaka Pandit

Position: Writer and Editor

If people were rain, she would definitely be a hurricane! Even after being a fashion freak, and a shopaholic, Kanaka finds a bit more joy in writing than anything else. She believes that writing is the best way of expressing emotions. Her interest for writing articles and poetry has increased ever since she wrote her first poem in 5th Grade. She started running her own blogs in 2013.

Sanket Dikshit

Position: Writer

A child artist who acted throughout school whenever asked about homework. Acting brought in stories and the love for narration brought in telling them to others. Now, an architect by profession he keeps the man happy by designing a house for him and the woman happier by making the home beautiful to live in. And then he also keeps the children happy by telling them stories! So put on your capes and masks, because its a world of fiction and you are invited!

Utkarsh Rampal

Position: Writer and Content Manager

Passionate & Dedicated. Journalism Student. Love to Write, Learn and Stay Updated. Manchester United Supporter & A die Hard Srk’ian. Wish to do something bigger and better with life. It’s never enough with it.


Prasannata Patwa

Position: Writer

Aamir Khan said in Rang de Basanti that there are only two ways of living life, Whatever is happening let it happen, keep tolerating or else take a decision and responsibility and make a difference. Prasannata believes in the latter part of this saying. Student, Amateur writer, sometimes introvert, sometimes extrovert, basically an ambivert, movie buff, tv show junkie, chatter box and a complete weirdo at times, this is how she describes herself.

Shardul Khare

Position: Social Media Handler

Shardul is a 17 year old student who likes technology. He aspires to become an engineer. Apart from spending hours on the computer, two other things which he likes the most include reading and football.

Bhavesh Shaha

Position: Website and Content Manager 

Bhavesh is a 10th grader who is having an existentialist crisis. He complains about homework but never actually does it. He is a YouTuber and has been making videos since he was 9-years-old. He enjoys film-making and staring at memes. 

He is also a freelancer and an orator. He does graphic designing and entertains the crew.

Reshma Ruby

Position: Intern

Shy and quite, Reshma’s take on the world is quite unique. She understands why everyone does what they do and see’s everything in grey. A die hard book reader and a netflix addict, she loves discussing her shows and books and coming up with theories.

Chetna Somany

Position: Intern

Chetna, a cheerful ands positive soul likes to find happiness in little things. She believes that the bigger pictures of life depends on little moments. She has too many books to read, and too little time to do so. She cannot have enough of rom-coms and fantasy movies. She aspires to be known for her writing and loves to write about love, friendship, happiness  and optimism.

Hridesh Kamal

Position: Intern

A confused 17 year old introvert, trying to make his way through (mis)adventures of life. With songs and books as his sidekicks.

Hridesh thinks that life’s a novel. So decided to become a writer!

But why did he become an artist or a guitarist?
Um… that answer is still awaited, I guess?

Saumya Singh

Position: Intern

Became a literature student by chance but fell in love with it by choice. My belief in art is what inspires me. Art, which comforts the disturbed and disturbs the comfortable.

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