About Us

About Just Write Things

Just Write Things is a venture undertaken by 2 cousins to serve millions of readers in India and abroad with some quality articles filled with knowledge, inspiration and humor. We and our team believe in writing things right for our readers by working hard and carrying out thorough research to create some unique stuff.

What do we write?

From Entertainment to knowledge, from stories to poems, from news to opinions and from analysis to factual articles, we provide everything that a reader wishes to read. We fill our articles with a blend of humor, emotions and inspiration which in order to charge our users back with energy!

Other Motives:

Just Write Things not only wishes to serve it's readers by it's content, but also wishes to promote the wanna be writers. We provide internships and guidance to the new coming writers and promote their articles and thoughts through our website. So if you are one of those aspiring writers who needs a platform and some training, Just Write Things is the place for you! Visit our careers page to know more.