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#5YearsofModi: Biggest failures of Modi Government which might cost them the majority! - Just Write Things

#5YearsofModi: Biggest failures of Modi Government which might cost them the majority!

It is election season once again and the time has come to assess the performance of the government. The ‘Report Card’ of the BJP led Government is in making. Will they be able to repeat their historic 2014 poll performance, or will we have another UPA Government this time? Or will some of the failures of Modi Government cause a hindrance in their election performance? Our guess is as good as yours, but the excitement of 2019 elections is surely sky rocketing.

Before the Phase I of the polls begin from 10th April, we will be helping you to assess the performance of the Modi Government. Every vote counts and hence it is important for us to vote keeping the interest of our country in mind. By reading our series of upcoming articles, for sure, you will be able to make the best selection!

2014 lok sabha election results
2014 Lok Sabha Results Source: myindiamyvote

The Narendra Modi Government began their tenure in a grand fashion in 2014 with a clear majority. However, experts believe it would be hard for them to retain it in the upcoming 2019 General Elections. There are some failures of Modi Government we have discussed below which could make the difference in this election season!

Our Analysis on the Modi Government:

These last 5 years have been extremely eventful and people seem to be taking interest in politics more than ever. The way PM Narendra Modi conducted his rallies, the expectations of the Indian masses were sky high!

Have the expectations been met is a question we leave up to you to decide. But we have made a special initiative to help you out! We will be assessing the 5 Years of Modi Government as much as we can. Before the elections, we will try to bring in a clear picture in your minds. As of now, we’re starting with some criticism by discussing some of the biggest failures of Modi Government. You shall also find different articles on the achievements of Modi Government as well as detailed analysis of the performance of the top ministries in the last half decade.


PM Narendra Modi
Source: New Indian Express

Criticizing the government is a right of a citizen in a democratic country. However, these days, few people are misusing this right while others are too scared to criticize due to online trolls. The war between supporters of various political parties has been pretty intense lately. People are trolled for raising some serious issues against the government. The others have been blatantly criticizing the government based on fake reports, half truths and white lies. Therefore, in our articles this election season, we shall try and bring as accurate data as possible. Some of the points we have raised in this article can also be countered and we have provided you with alternative view points as well. But as per our analysis, these are some Government which can make it difficult for them to attain majority in May 2019.

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P.S: All the data mentioned here has been backed by relevant citation. Clicking on the highlighted text will lead you to the source of our data. All the facts and figures mentioned here are true to the best of our knowledge and only credible sources have been considered.

1. Income Inequality

‘Rich are becoming richer’ and ‘Poor are becoming poorer.’ We have heard this since a long time now. Unfortunately, India has been a land of mass income inequality since the days of Independence. However, as per the critics, the situation has further worsened in the last 5 years. As per this report by Business Insider, the top 1% of the population of India bagged almost 73% of India’s wealth. In fact, India has become the 2nd most unequal country in the world as per a report by Dailyhunt. To rub salt into the wounds, BBC had reported in 2017 that India’s income inequality is highest in 92 years.

Image result for Income Equality in india

Is only the Modi Government to be blamed?

The answer is both yes and no. The income inequality has been rising in India since the 1980s, as suggested in almost all of the above reports. However, people had high hopes with this government and with a clear majority, people expected the government to take tougher stance on this issue. Eradicating income inequality is one of the key agendas of all political parties in India. Every tenure, it becomes a part of their election manifestos. Failing to improve the income equality goes down as one of the biggest failures of the Modi Government. Yes, we agree that this government shouldn’t be blamed alone. But it was one of the key responsibilities of this government. It is said that a growth which doesn’t help the poor is no growth.  The fact that it couldn’t do much to empower the poor is one of the biggest failures of Modi Government!

2. Mob Lynching

While thankfully, we have seen no major riots during the last 5 years, there was a substantial increase in mob lynching in this period. This has brought down a lot of criticism on the ruling party and goes down as one of the Failures of Modi Government. The BJP has been known to follow the ‘Hindutva’ ideology and most of the lynchings have been related to cow vigilantism. Thus, the people in India have been quick to link the lynchings with the ideology of the government. News 18 reports clearly show that while only 1 incident related to cow related violence was reported in 2012 and 2013, 86 instances were reported between 2012 and mid 2018!

Source: Al Jazeera

The worst part about mob lynchings is that it is almost impossible to catch all the culprits. Since a mob is always faceless, the culprits often run free. Very often people have believed that these culprits are in fact BJP supporters. This has put one more dent on party’s anti-minority image.

These incidents also led to a famous ‘Not in my name’ campaign. Thousands of people belonging to minority communities participated in it. It also gave impetus to the term ‘Saffron Terror’, which allowed parties to play petty politics on the name of religion.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and many other senior BJP leaders have openly condemned such violence. However, the inability to control these incidents has been one of the biggest failures of the Modi government! Mobs taking matters in their own hands a dangerous trend.

3. Ram Mandir

Ram Mandir has been the hot topic of debate since decades now. A lot of communal clashes have also revolved around this holy site in Ayodhya. It has always found a place in BJP’s election manifesto. The right wing party has fought for it and assured the Hindu community time and again that they will get their much awaited Ram Mandir. However, no visible significant progress in this regard has left several people agitated. For some Hindus, Ram Mandir will be one of the biggest failures of Modi Government.

Source: India Today

We do understand that Ram Mandir is a very subjective issue. It is even more complex than it seems to be prima facie. But this has been a center of communal tension for a very long time and hence, a solution is extremely important.  A large number of Hindu Sadhus and Dharm Gurus had conducted nationwide protest against the BJP’s inability to act on this issue few months ago. Most importantly, this has been one of the biggest unfulfilled promises by the BJP. Ram Mandir will go down as one of the most disappointing failures of the Modi government. In the 2019 elections, this issue has again found a place in BJP’s poll promises. But, can the question is, can they be trusted again?

4. Employment generation

This is probably the most controversial topic in our list of biggest failures of Modi government. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made a bold statement during one of his rallies in 2014. He claimed that his government would create 2 crore jobs every year! With a large amount of youth joining labor force every year, employment generation has been a key issue and will be a key issue in politics for a long time.

There is data that suggests unemployment in India is at a 45-year high. However, there is data that also suggests that a large number of jobs have been created in these past 4 years. It is difficult to call out one data as true and the other as false because there is no formal agency in India that collects official data related to job creation. We will discuss both sides of the coin and leave it to you to decide whether employment has been generated or not.

A survey conducted by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) stated that India’s unemployment rate had reached as high as 6.1%. This rate is the highest since 1972-72 when Indo-Pak War and rising oil prices had hit the Indian economy. Thus, the unemployment rate in India was at 45-year high in 2017-18 as per NSSO Data.

Source: Trading Economics

The positive report:

However, in a separate report, it is claimed that MSMEs alone added 14.9 Million Jobs every year in last 4 years. The Confederation of Indian Industry came up with this figure after conducting a survey which included over 1 Lakh MSME units. If this is believed to be true, with MSMEs adding almost 1.5 Crore jobs a year alone, it would be safe to assume that 2 Crore jobs may have actually been added every pear. With these 2 completely contradictory reports in our, we are more confused than ever!

Source: Moneycontol

No Agency in India to track job creation:

In a country like India with a humongous population and a large number of youth joining workforce every year, it is a pity that we still do not have a Government Led agency that can give us a picture of unemployment in India. Official data is extremely crucial which has been missing in India since forever. In a true sense, if the governments are really concerned about jobs, accountability of the same needs to be taken by the center. How can someone make a policy to create more jobs when they don’t even know how many jobs are needed? It amusing and disappointing at the same time.

We have shown you both the contradicting pictures – one claiming high job creation while the other claiming high unemployment rate. Whether this should be considered as one of the failures of the Modi Government or not is for you to decide. However, the onus to defend this criticism is on the government, for which, it does not even have a proper centralized data.

5. Rise in number of Kashmiri militants

The Kashmir issue somehow finds a place in all election manifestos. Yet nothing could be done about it since decades. The BJP Government was expected to scrap article 370A. Nothing happened on this front. Yes, they did give the army a free hand in curbing militancy in Kashmir which resulted in Operation All Out. However, it seems that this operation might have not gone well with the Kashmiri youth.

Source: Hindustantimes

Data suggests that there has been rise in number of people joining militant organizations in the last few years. The army may eliminate as many terrorists as possible, the problem cannot be solved if the youth in Kashmir is tempted to pick up guns. Killing terrorism ins’t the aim, eliminating is, ins’t it? As per Economics Times, 191 young men joined militancy in 2018 alone, 65 more than 2017! Between 2011 to 2013, only 70 people had turned militants in 3 years. Between 2014 to 2018, in 5 years, this number has turned to 524. At this rate, things seem to be worsening.

Source: Nitinivesh

Somehow, the main aim of the government should be stopping the process of brainwashing which has compelled the youth over there to join militancy. The militants are effectively using Social Media to brainwash the youth. Many defense experts opine that maybe the government can use the same tactics to help the Kashmiri youth believe that they are one of us! Most importantly, it is high time that Article 370A is  scrapped. Without decent employment and education, Kashmir can never prosper!

 6. Terror Attacks on Security Personnel

The BJP Government has always self-proclaimed to be a Pro-Army nationalist government. However, security personnel deployed in Jammu & Kashmiri have not had the best of times. Along with a rise in Kashmiri Youth joining militancy, there has been a rise in casualties of Security Forces too. Not being able to secure the lives of our forces goes down as one of the significant failures of Modi Government.

As per a report by India Today, India saw a 93% rise in number of casualties of security forces between 2014-18. Moreover, the number of terrorist incidents in the valley and the state have increased by over 176% in the said period. India also witnessed the deadliest terror attack in Kashmir in the last 30 years in 2019 – the Pulwama attack. In the last 5 years, the state has lost over 1315 people to terrorism, of which 138 were civilians and 339 were security personnel. Remaining casualties were militants and terrorists eliminated in military operations.

Source: Economic Times

One terror attack a day!

Apart from the big attacks like the Pulwana attack and the Uri attack, Kashmir saw almost 1 terror incident everyday – 28 every month on an average. It is almost impossible to imagine what our security forces deployed in the region might be going through. The risk of being killed is higher than ever.

With this kind of bloodshed, there seems to be no end to the Kashmir issue. Yes, the government did carry out surgical strikes and we appreciate the will of the center on terrorism. There is no doubt that Modi Government has had a hard stance on militancy in Kashmir. But the intelligence failure of the Pulwama Attacks and Uri Attacks are indeed failures of Modi Government itself too. If they are trying to take credit for their decisions on surgical strikes, they must also face the heat of  loss of our soldiers. The need of the hour is to find additional ways to win the trust of Kashmiri youth. If the Kashmiris will keep on picking up guns, the damage will only be collateral and our security forces will keep on getting martyred for Government’s failures.


7. Trust of minorities

There are some issues which cannot be expressed in terms of numbers and data. This is one such issue. Being a party associated with the idea of Hindutva, BJP has very often been considered as an anti-minority party. This is a tag that they have not been able to shrug off their shoulders. In fact, this anti-minority image of BJP has only worsened. A large number of minorities have felt that BJP is not their party. Somehow, some of the hate speeches by few MPs and MLAs of BJP has made things worse for them.

Source: Scroll

It is important for a Government to assure it’s citizens that it stands for them. There is probably no anti-minority decision taken by the Modi Government. Yet, the rise in mob lynchings and hate speeches has made the minorities insecure. This is one of those failures of Modi Government which might cost them a lot of votes and probably, even a majority. The minority vote bank might prove to be decisive!


8. The war against ‘Black Money’

PM Modi had once said in his rally that there is so much black money stashed outside India that it can fill the pockets of each Indian with Rs. 15 lakhs! The biggest agenda of the Modi Government was perhaps to avert corruption and bring back the black money stashed in Swiss accounts. While the corruption has visibly reduced significantly, there seems to be no concrete progress on bringing back black money to India.

Image result for black money brought back to india

While the Government did take a series of steps, like introducing the Income Disclosure Scheme, amending the Benami Property Act, introducing GAAR, etc., they have not provided a major breakthrough. Demonetization was one of the biggest anti-black money measures taken. While it may have achieved some other purposes, when it comes to black money, the achievements have been dismissal.

Deposits with Swiss Bank

It has always been believed that a large part of unaccounted money is deposited in the Swiss Banks by Indians. The norms of the bank are such that the details of account holders are not revealed. Thus, if you have a Swiss Bank Account, it is currently impossible for the Government of India to track it. Any amount deposited in your Swiss Bank Account will be out of the Government’s reach.

After the Modi Government stepped in in 2014, deposits by Indians in Swiss Bank saw a massive fall. In 2013, CHF 2.03 Billions were deposited in Swiss Banks which reduced to CHF 0.68 Billions in 2016. However, in 2017, a year after Demonetization, the deposits surged by over 50%! Demonetization as meant to be an attack on black money. However, this increasing trend once again a year after DeMo signifies one of the failures of Modi Government.

Source: Asia Coverage

The Swiss Bank has though, agreed to share the details of account holders with the Government from September 2019. It will be interesting to see how the next Government deals with the information and what steps are taken to prosecute the black money holders. As of now though, 5 years wasn’t enough for PM Modi to bring back the hefty sum as promised. One of the biggest failures of Modi Government? Definitely.


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9. Prosecution of UPA Leaders

10 years of UPA under PM Manmohan Singh were full of scams. This gave an opportunity to the BJP to cash over the enraged people of India. The citizens wanted a corruption free India and strict actions against the thieves of national treasury. Narendra Modi had vowed to put the guilty behind bars as an election promise in 2014. The Indians then had stood behind him as well.

While PM Modi did reduce the corruption at the top level, the promise to prosecute the guilty has been left broken. Yes, it is true that almost all big UPA leaders including Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, ex Finance Minister P Chidambaram and many more are out on bail, the center has failed to put them behind bars, at least for now. One can argue that the Indian Judiciary is independent and the Prime Minister cannot influence it’s decision. However, on a very personal note, the government hasn’t seemed to be too serious on this issue either. Not too long ago, A Raja was acquitted in the 2G Scam case. While it is clear that the scam did happen and Indian exchequer  did suffer heavy losses, all the accused were let free and the Center couldn’t prove it’s case against the ex-Telecom Minister and other prominent politicians.

Source: Times of India

Some people have been led to believe whether the charges against these politicians and ministers of UPA are indeed genuine, or are they just politically motivated allegations? It seems we shall have to wait a little more for the answers. Failing to act on one of the biggest election promises is also one of the biggest failures of Modi Government.

10. Cash Crunch of the PSUs:

The biggest democracy in the world is staring at the biggest elections on planet. At this stage, the cash crunch in the Public Sector Units could result in a big blow to the Narendra Modi Government. From delay in paying salaries of BSNL Employees to almost cash stripping HAL, things haven’t been smooth for PSUs lately. DNA Reports that for the first time in 18 years, over  1.68 people working for the fully state owned telecom company BSNL were denied their February salary. The PSU is witnessing one of the worst phases ever due to intense competition between the private entities.

Source: Economic Times

BSNL is not the only PSU which has been suffering. For the first time in 2 or 3 decades, HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) has borrowed money to run it’s day-to-day operations. As per the reports by the Economic Times, the Indian Air Force has not paid it’s dues amounting to Rs. 14,500 Crores to the HAL. This has forced HAL to borrow money from outside market. As per HAL’s Chairman & Managing Director R Madhvan, the condition will get worse. If the IAF does not release a part payment by March 2019, HAL will have to borrow over Rs. 6000 Crores and this would be ‘unsustainable’, as per Madhvan. Managing PSUs is a big responsibility of the center and such a cash crunch depicts one of the failures of Modi Government in managing these entities.

Let us know your views!

The above were some of the biggest failures of Modi Government. There may be more issues which we have not added to this list. This list constitutes only of some significant failures of Modi Government and not all the failures of Modi Government. Let us know what do you think about the performance of Modi Government. Let us know about other failures of Modi Government according to you which we may have skipped!

Also, we would like to clarify that we are not just critical of the government. We also take pride in Significant achievements of the Modi Government. Do check out our next article which will be based on the Achievements of Modi Government. For now, we hope you enjoyed our thorough research on the Failures of Modi Government. Let us know about your valuable inputs by commenting on our facebook and instagram handles!


Parth Parikh

A Chartered Accountant , Parth Parikh is a 22 year old aspiring writer and entrepreneur. He loves to express his views on every topic on earth he is aware of! Passion in his veins, love in his heart and work on his mind keep him alive. Born with love for writing in his blood and having an experience of working with multiple websites, he now wishes to start a venture of his own in the form of Just Write Things.

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