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These tips on overcoming procrastination is all you need to read today!! - Just Write Things

These tips on overcoming procrastination is all you need to read today!!

Procrastination is a skill of the elites in our world. We just get bored with things very easily and need something else to stimulate ourselves. Overcoming procrastination is a challenge, whose difficulty is decided by your level of procrastination. How big of a procrastinator you are? What are the secret remedies of overcoming procrastination? You shall learn about overcoming procrastinator from an expert procrastinator himself! 😛 

1. When it gets too hard, you give up

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! But just let me finish that cute puppy video followed by a nap and then I’ll stress till the deadline has arrived…

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No! Always remember, taking a nap or watching a video may not always be your stress busters, they may actually be your stress boosters! Nothing kills stress. These kind of lollipops just deviate stress for a good few minutes after which you will have to anyway face the heat.

Here’s what you can do: Give yourself a reason to finish the work faster. Find the food you love the most and promise yourself that you’ll eat it only when the work is done. A real promise, okay? I know what everyone does with such suggestions. Restrain yourself as much as you can from unwanted time killers and set stage by stage rewards for yourself. Reward yourself for completing the task and you might finish things you never thought you were going to! A carrot and a stick works for humans as well.
Sounds difficult? Who ever said overcoming procrastination will be any easier?


2. You always have an idea how your day will go

You go through the same cycle of putting yourself under stress until you have no other choice but getting to work. And people thought predicting the future was some godly skill…

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How to beat this? Sit down and make a routine! A schedule always helps. Eat at a particular time, hit the bed at a particular time and wake up at a particular time everyday. Include one thing you don’t usually do to be a part of each day. Unpredictability increases the chances of overcoming procrastination!


3. You often say “Better late than never” after being late for everything

Reporting times, deadlines, meetings or events, you are never on time. Because being on time is just so mainstream. And you aren’t going to be like just another sheep in the herd, right?

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Well in this case, you have to be a part of the herd. Stop making excuses! We humans invented the concept of time to bring efficiency in our lives. Most importantly, a person who is not on time is usually the most disorganized person you’ll ever see. Punctuality speaks a volume about yourself and if you start becoming punctual about everything in life, you will be overcoming procrastination faster than you think!
If you are having it too tough, set your personal deadlines half an hour before the real ones. Trust me, even setting the time on your clock a few minutes ahead works against excuses for not overcoming procrastination!

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4. You think “meditation” is just some myth or long-lost legend

Stressing has become such a big part of your life that you can’t even imagine a life without it. Meditation or any form of relaxation is like a mirage in the desert for you. Somewhere, you are the one who is to be blamed for this, isn’t it? Remember those stress boosters we talked about earlier?

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But well, our ancestors left us an amazing remedy: meditation! Try it at least once a week to begin with. It will be boring at first, might even seem a waste of time. But hitting the gym or meditating makes your brain so happy that you’ll be overcoming procrastination in no time!
Most importantly, it calms your brain and helps you concentrate. We procrastinate because our minds are indulged in other things around us which seem to be more interesting than our work. Meditation helps you to keep your mind away from those things and makes you concentrate more.


5. You almost always have over 20 tabs open at the very same time

You can never seem to stay on one page, you’re watching 5 YouTube videos, a TV show and are taking a personality quiz all at the same time. Scrolling up and down your never-ending feed for hours just hoping to find something to interest you. After all, memes and pet videos over work any day!

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Set time limits for Facebook and Instagram. Make it a habit to finish one tab before going to the next. When the urge to use social media is too much, go have a walk outside to free up your brain like you so often free up your RAM.
Social media will always make you wanted from one place to another and never let your mind focus on the important thing in hand. Overcoming procrastination is going to be impossible unless you overcome your never ending urge for using social media!


6. Your phone works like the memory eraser from Men In Black

You see your phone silently sitting on the bed near you. It hasn’t made a sound in a while so you check if the world hasn’t ended (because you never want to be the only survivor, that’s so boring! Phhssst.)

Thankfully it hasn’t. You checked all your social media apps for 15-20 minutes and wait a minute… what were you doing just before picking up the phone?!?

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Keep your phone out of sight and use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature while you are working. Because ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ actually somehow works for overcoming procrastination!
It has been noted that using excessive mobile phones and tickling your fingers on the screen makes you absent minded. Procrastination feeds on absent minds! It is only when you don’t remember the seriousness of getting the work done, procrastination seeps in.
Anyway, why has my phone been quiet for so long?!?

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7. Things always become tough the moment you begin doing it

People around you are having accomplishments from business ideas to body transformations. Seeing all their energy and positive results you are finally mentally ready to hit the gym! Or start that YouTube channel you always wanted to have!! You go blazing for glory and few weeks later… Do I even need to say that?

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The only way to prevent this is to do only things that you really like. You will fail miserably if you go for fame rather than passion. We always want to try a 100 things in life, but ask yourself first – what is that one thing you would leave the other 99 for? Apply all your focus and energy on that one thing you are passionate about and procrastination shall never strike you!


8. You seriously love full hours

There is some magic in them. It can’t be described using words. You just like them so much and you have no idea how to explain it. When it’s 6:51 you promise you’ll start at 7:00 and when it’s 7:32 you set the alarm for 8:00. Aha! Full hours are so beautiful!

You really think that is even a worthy excuse? These things again just delay your work, bring the deadlines nearer and make overcoming procrastination harder. Stop giving yourself a slack at all times and get down to work. You can finish that episode once you are free. Always remember, the clock keeps ticking, no matter if it’s a full hour or not! 


9. TV shows are the reason you can’t seem to meet your deadlines

Okay for once you aren’t at fault. This is all the Illuminati propaganda; I am telling you! Ever wondered who invented ‘cliff-hangers’?? Thomas Hardy! It even rhymes with Illuminati!! Coincidence?!?

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Well actually yes, it’s just a coincidence and you are at fault again. We are in the age of Netflix and Hulu, so that show can wait. Better still, put that season on download so that you can focus on what you have to do. When you are done, get some snacks and watch without any worries!
Always remember, the biggest key for overcoming procrastination is reminding yourself that you can always do the things you love after you finish off what you must do!

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10. You are probably the best adviser a person can ever find

Because you have spent hours already searching for ways for overcoming procrastination. All that advice which you read, but never followed. You have dozens of tricks and tips to make your life wa-aayy better. But meh, it takes a lot of efforts.

I understand you. I know the efforts required for overcoming procrastination. All the things I listed here, they are honestly my own experiences. No one likes to know they are procrastinating. But trust me, everyone does this.

Procrastination is funny to talk and joke about but it often ends up making us under-perform. Stressing so much and having to rush everything because we wasted our time ruins our schedules. Most importantly, we do the things we love while the stress of our work keep haunting our mind which ruins the fun as well. Why can’t we just finish what we must and enjoy what we love without any more tension?

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I can’t assure you that you’ll be completely overcoming procrastination. I know this takes lots of efforts and sometimes it feels better to just be lazy. But you know, all those people having such a happy life (not on social media but in reality) have made these efforts to reach where they are right now. It’s going to be a tough task. But it will be worth all you give in! And then, nobody wants easy things, right?

Did you relate to this article? I hope this will help you in overcoming procrastination big time! How many of these things you end up facing as well? Fill the comment section with your thoughts, opinions and your own struggles of overcoming procrastination! Maybe some of you might have advises which I might follow. (I hope I will… *fingers crossed*)!

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    This article was seriously amazing and i hope it helps people but i know i’ll procrastinate these steps also🤦😂that is lazy me


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