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Suits Season 9: Release Date, Story Details and guess, who might be back? Everything you should know! - Just Write Things

Suits Season 9: Release Date, Story Details and guess, who might be back? Everything you should know!

The 2nd most viewed American TV Series, Suits has been renewed for it’s finale season – Suits Season 9. After the last episode of season 8 aired on 28th February, the fans cannot wait anymore to watch their favorite stars one last time! The reports so far claim that Suits season 9 might air somewhere in mid-July and will span for 10 episodes instead of the usual 16 episodes. First aired in 2011, the 9-year long immensely popular show will leave loads of memories to cherish for its fan and crew.

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What happens to Suits after Suits Season 9?

Aaron Korsh is soon releasing a spinoff series named ‘Pearson’, revolving around the character played by Gina Torres : Jessica Pearson. However, the legacy of Harvey Spector and Donna Paulson, as of now, will end with the last episode of Suits Season 9. There is a possibility that we might see them in the subsequent seasons of Pearson, but it appears that they may not have much to do in this spinoff series.

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Will Patrick J. Adams aka Mike Ross return in Suits Season 9?

In an exclusive interview to a leading celebrity news portal etonline, Patrick J Adams has hinted that he might be back in action for the finale. Patrick, aka Mike Ross, was one of the lead stars of the show until season 7. With Meghan Markle aka Rachel Zane leaving the show after joining the Royal Family, Patrick had decided to quit the show as well. As per him, Mike didn’t have much left to do without Rachel in the show. However, with the finale on the cards, Patrick might be reconsidering his decision. 

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“We’re trying to figure it out and see if it’s possible. I hope so,” said Patrick on being asked about his return. 

It depends on the story they write. They gotta figure it out, and if they even want me. You’ve gotta ask them. I’d love to make it work if I could,” he added. Patrick J. Adams had also directed the show’s 100th episode.


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“How can we say goodbye without him?”

Sarah Rafferty, playing ‘Donna Paulson’, also said that she is ‘absolutely’ trying to get him recruited in the cast. “We can’t wrap it up without Mike Ross, right? It’s really important,” she was quoted saying to etonline. However, the next question that arises is whether Meghan Markle aka Rachel Zane will be joining the show as well. To this, Aaron Korsh had a straight answer.

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Korsh said that he won’t be asking Meghan to leave her position in the Royal Family and join the show for Suits Season 9.  “I would love it but I think it’s pretty close to zero,” he said, putting an end to speculations of her return.


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In the end, whether Suits Season 9 will cast Patrick J Adams or not, whether it will have a happy ending or not, whether Suits Season 9 will be of 10 episodes or 16, for a Die Hard Suits Fan, Suits Season 9 will leave them with a lot of tears and a lot of memories. We all miss binge watching Suits, don’t we? 🙂

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