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Opinion: Amidst this India Pakistan tension, how Indians are falling prey to Pak's Propaganda - Just Write Things

Opinion: Amidst this India Pakistan tension, how Indians are falling prey to Pak’s Propaganda

There is a saying which I hate the most: Terrorism unites people. But no matter how much I hate it, it stands true. The way this current India Pakistan Tension is heading, it exactly proves that India stands united only for few days after a terrorist attack takes place. Exactly 2 weeks ago on 14th of February, 2019, the Pulwama Terror Attacks costing India 44 brave CRPF Jawans saw the entire nation standing as one. The entire nation condemned Pakistan for harboring Jaish-e-Mohammad, the very terrorist organization that took responsibility of the cowardly attack. There were rallies everywhere and people came out on street in large numbers, supporting their heroes. Along with this grief, there was an anger among the mass public – anger against terrorism, anger against the government and anger against Pakistan. A large part of India wanted revenge, but only against terrorists and not against Pakistan civilians and Pakistan army.

From Criticizing the government for taking no action to criticizing the government for taking an action:

But well, such things don’t last long here. India is a country of gullible people who are influenced by everything someone else would say. Indians are known to criticize their own people and laud everyone else in the world. For 12 days before the strikes, every Indian was eagerly waiting for such an event to take place. Some people had already started criticizing the government until the strikes eventually happened. The government was under fire for not taking an action. However, finally, the Indian Government did come through. Indian Air Force launched airstrikes against the Jaish-e-Mohammad camps in Pakistan on the night of 26th February. The nation was happy. India had avenged it’s loss, afterall. The people were celebrating and India stood as one against terrorism. But again, as I said, such things don’t last long in India.

The twist in the tale came on the morning of 27th February, when Pakistan retaliated against India’s action. The point to be noted here is that India did not harm even a single civilian or military personnel on that side of the border. However, when Pakistan retaliated, it shot down a Mig 21 aircraft of the Indian Air Force before losing an F16 fighter jet of it’s own. The sad part was that the brave pilot of the crashed Mig 21 aircraft, Wing Commander Abhinandan landed on the other side of the better. Even though he evacuated from the crashing jet safely, he was captured by the Pakistan Army and taken in as a prisoner of war. What was meant to be a fight against terrorism gave rise to an India Pakistan Tension.

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How India vs Terrorism converted into an India Pakistan tension

The psychological defeat of India began that very minute when Pakistan released videos in which they showed their army treating the Indian counterpart with utmost respect. They talked to him with respect and took good care of him. #saynotowar started trending on twitter in both the countries. The Indians that celebrated the air strikes on 26th, started criticizing the government again on 27th for creating a war like situation. Many called the air strikes ‘uncalled for’ and many claimed that India was disturbing peace. This is where a large part of India has already surrendered and within few seconds, they forgot that just 13 days ago, the national highway in Jammu and Kashmir was filled with the blood of 44 CRPF Jawans. They forgot that peace was disturbed on the afternoon of 14th February and not in the wee hours of 26th February.

The biggest setback here is that it was ALWAYS supposed to be India vs Terrorism. But on 27th morning, the Pakistani army made Indians believe that it was India vs Pakistan. Nobody really cared to question why did Pakistan retaliate, when it was only the terrorist camps that India had attacked. Why did Pakistan shoot down one Indian Mig 21, when India never even threatened it’s army? The people of India falling in awe with Pakistan’s treatment to it’s pilot made them forget that it was Pakistan in the first place which shot the aircraft he was flying. The worst of all, Indians started believing that it was in fact, the Indians who always wanted a war in the first place.

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To those who think India started a war:

It Reads:

To everyone sharing quotes and stories on social media that ‘we don’t want war’ and ‘war is bad’, please stop it! Nobody has ever wanted war. Stop making it look like the people of India ever wanted war. Stop making it look like we are warmongers or aggressors. India’s fight has been only against terrorism, India’s fight has only been against those people who in any manner try and kill innocent people on our side. You know who didn’t want a war? The 26/11 victims didn’t want a war. The 13/7 victims didn’t want a war. The victims of endless other terrorist attacks didn’t want a war. The armymen who were attacked from behind in Pathankot didn’t want a war. The armymen who were killed while sleeping in Uri didn’t want a war. The 44 CRPF Jawams in Pulwama travelling unarmed in a bus didn’t want a war. Each one of these souls wanted peace more than you and I could ever imagine. Stop making it look like you guys are the Messiah of peace and those fighting terrorists are spreading hatred. If India would have wanted war it could have very well even finished it by now. Stop these say no war nonsense. The destruction of terrorist camps in the first place was to avoid bloodshed of thousand others. The Indian Air Force doesn’t want a war either. And if you want to raise your voice against this bloodshed, point blank call out names and start hashtags naming the people who started this bloodshed to begin with. Peace, in true sense is what everyone really wants. Peace.

The India Pakistan Tension was never a result of India’s air strikes. It was always created by the terrorists hiding in plain sight in Pakistan.

Pakistan diverting the focus from terrorism in its country and Indians falling prey to it:

However, the worst was yet to come. Today, as Pakistani PM said that Pakistan is releasing Wing Commander Abhinandan as a peace gesture, Indians are going Gaga over it and praising the Pakistan PM to no ends. Suddenly, for Indians, the same Pakistani PM who’s nurtured terrorists killed 44 CRPF Jawans became the Messiah of Peace. The same Pakistan which is the reason of thousands of deaths in India has become a peaceful, matured state. The same Indians who’s blood was boiling on 14th, against Pakistan based terrorists are suddenly supporting Pakistan exactly 2 weeks later, on 28th. It was incredibly sad to see that people never failed in making political statements even in an India Pakistan Tension.

A message to those who think Pakistan and Imran Khan have initiated peace:

It reads:

Pakistani terrorists kill 44 CRPF jawans. Indians blame Modi and the government. And they rightly should, any security lapse is government responsibility.
IAF kills 300+ JeM terrorists. Pakistan retaliates, idk why. Our pilot is held captive. Again, people blame Modi and the government, because it took an action. Off course, Pakistan is the biggest ambassador of peace and the terrorist camps in there are just to teach their children the art of self defense.
Pakistan Army treats Indian pilot well, exactly how he should be treated in the first place under Geneva Conventions. People ask Modi to stop war and hatred because again, as per them Pakistan did a big favor on India by treating the pilot well. It is a different story that Pakistan shot his aircraft, but hey, who cares, the video has got a million views and he got some fantastic tea. Modi is a warmonger and Pakistan is an amazing place to stay! Afterall, you can have a blast there.
Pakistan PM Imran Khan today said that he will release the Indian pilot tomorrow as a peace gesture. It is a different thing that Geneva Conventions are a joke because Pakistan was anyway obligated to return him home. But Indians again asking PM Modi to take tution classes from Imran Khan because he is the most peace loving Prime Minister ever from the most peaceful country ever.
The 44 CRPF Jawans were killed in a very peaceful manner, you see. Their bodies scattered within a second and probably they felt no pain. So, it was peaceful right?
Have some shame people. I respect Pakistan for releasing the pilot tomorrow, but please, don’t even compare my PM with the PM of a terrorist harbouring nation. If Imran Khan is really an ambassador of peace, he must stop the training camps back home and hand over the most wanted terrorists to India. Or else, let’s wait for one more terrorist attack to start this procedure from 0 once again. 
Image result for Pak releasing Abhinandan
Please don’t concede yourself to these false claims of peace. Please don’t deviate from the true fight against terrorism. Some of us have already forgotten 14/2, just like we forgot 13/7 or 26/11 or ‘n’ number of other dates. Most of us are hailing Pakistan instead of standing with our forces and government in this crucial times. Most of us are giving up, just when the real pressure was starting to build. India is already losing the psychological warfare, with so many of us siding with Pakistan and questioning our own government. We are just falling into their propaganda and a large number of people on this side are acting just like they wanted us to.
Remember, it was always a fight against terrorism. Please let it remain that way. If at all Pakistan was to defuse this India Pakistan Tension, it must first show sincere efforts against terrorism and act against Hafiz Sayeed, Masood Azhar and Dawood Imrahim who are living a luxurious life
in their country after coloring their hands with the blood of thousands of Indians. Most importantly, every Indian must remember that it was Pakistan who gave rise to this India Pakistan Tension and not India. We must not let them make us believe that we are at fault, we are the ones spreading hatred, we are the ones who are thirsty of blood and war.
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Parth Parikh

A Chartered Accountant , Parth Parikh is a 22 year old aspiring writer and entrepreneur. He loves to express his views on every topic on earth he is aware of! Passion in his veins, love in his heart and work on his mind keep him alive. Born with love for writing in his blood and having an experience of working with multiple websites, he now wishes to start a venture of his own in the form of Just Write Things.

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