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Things only True Roommates will relate to! - Just Write Things

Things only True Roommates will relate to!

Many people, after completing their education in a hostel, talk about how hostel life is one such experience which is incomparable to any other in this world. When we hear someone moving to hostel, the first thing that comes in our mind is ‘Who is going to be your roommate?’ Living in a hostel, away from your parents, for whatsoever number of months or years, your roommate is someone who is going to stick by you at the odd, unexpected hours when your friends can’t be there. This article is dedicated to all the girl roommates out there! (Let’s assume we’re talking about a room of three girl roommates here, because the best of adventures and memories happen in a trio, what say?)

  1. Taking turns to be the early bird

Image result for trying to wake up from bed

Starting from the start, let’s talk about the beginning of the day. If your hostel is/ was such where your room was allotted one bathroom, you’d relate to this. All of us love sleeping (obviously, especially after the sleep snatching assignments), so we decide a ground rule of taking turns on each day to wake up early. We put 78479 alarms before the actual alarm just to be on the safer side. Despite of this, if one day the needed person doesn’t wake up on time, boom! The cycle’s delayed too!

  1. Planning your room décor

Image result for hostel room decoration

I don’t mean to generalise, but most of the girls out there show more interest in cute and tumblr home decors compared to boys. When we move out in a hostel, we start developing an attachment towards our room as it’s our first personal area. We are in charge of this room and not our parents. That feeling itself makes us feel like decorating our cosy own space. This makes us and our roommates plan and execute the home décor, be it fairy lights or frames or anything you DIY.

  1. Household shopping list

Image result for household shopping list

As I mentioned before, this room becomes our first own space. And hence with power comes responsibility and we got to take care of it. Our shopping list consists of stuff for the room or household. We buy detergents and snacks and clothes stand and what not and split the bill for it. Our concern doesn’t limit to ourselves, but goes for the ‘home’ as well.

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  1. Sharing is the motto of living

Image result for sharing with roommates

We develop a habit of sharing and using each other’s stuff so much, that over a period of time we actually forget to whom that entity belonged in the first place. Starting from basics like tooth paste and face wash, we go to make up and accessories, clothes and eventually everything! (without harming the personal hygiene level) We get surprised as to how we all of a sudden became so polite and non-possessive about our things.

  1. Entertainment Planner

Image result for girls on laptop

If there’s no T.V. in your room, you might relate to this. We have zero means of audio-visual entertainment apart from our phones right now. The only other entertainment we have is a laptop. What do we do? Binge watch. We decide on the movie or any web series we girls have been longing to watch. Everything’s set, the fairy lights, your snacks the laptop and we know our weekend is in safe hands.

  1. Dealing with uninvited guests.

Image result for uninvited guests memes

Most common scenario in any hostel is – dealing with the most uncommon insects, reptiles and all the uninvited guests that enter our room anyway. Either we’re scared or too comfy around them. There’s nothing in between. If three of the roommates are scared, imagine a whole lot of chaos and screeching and the room turning upside down within seconds. Else, the bravest roommate steps in and tackles the tiny monster like a piece of cake! And then, what happens in the room does stay in the room!

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  1. Adjusting to your roommate’s temperature requirements

Image result for one roommate feeling hot and other feeling cold

Because there are three people staying together now, we have to be a part of each other’s lifestyle, including the temperature requirements. This starts from whether to keep the window open or closed, keep the fan on or off, deciding the speed of the fan, keeping the A.C. on or off, deciding the temperature of A.C. In the beginning we may struggle to sleep but eventually we all find our own ways of tolerating the temperature. Be it no blanket or 3 blankets or blanket with one foot out!

  1. Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Image result for messy hostel room

This quote hits us once in a blue moon, but when it does, it hits us damn hard. Damn intense. Usually hostels are known for their messiness which is why none of us is really bothered about keeping it tidy. However, there is going to be this one time when the OCD hits us like a wrecking ball and we team up to clean the room. That’s the first time we take the ‘Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan’ seriously.

  1. Homemade DJ nights

Image result for dj in hostel room

If we were at home, for any celebration, we’d either hit the club or throw a party! Here, fortunately or unfortunately, we need to manage in the limited resources that we have. Or should we say, restrictions! Hence, we try to make the best of everything. Homemade DJ nights are something when our room turns into a club dance floor. There’s no light except for our phone flash lights and the music’s loud enough for the next room to know there’s a party going on. We dance our hearts out on the craziest songs, singing the wrong lyrics and making memories.

  1. Sleepover 25×8

Image result for roommates talking late night

Living in a hostel is like having a sleepover 25×8 (exaggeration, lol.) except for the fact that we don’t stay up every night (obviously). But yeah, we have fun. There are few nights when we can afford to stay up and chill as either there’s no college the next day or we’re insomniac. This sleepover takes out all the makeup and cosmetics we have, all the gossips, all the ghost stories and all the deep talks. These nights are those when we actually open up to our girl roommates, they open up to us, we feel each other’s vibe and know them better!

No matter how many months or years we’re going to stay in a hostel, our roommates are someone we will never ever forget. She may either become our best friend with time or just a good human to us, she is the one who sees us closely, at times when nobody else does. She plays a major role at giving a shape to our lifestyle, be it positive or negative. The way we develop habits and manners is something we learn and teach our girl roommates. Be it keeping our table messy or clean, wearing home chappals or not. We make our roommates a part of such minute details about our lives. Our roommates are aware of our behavioral pattern in the most intricate way possible. Our roommates are our companion when no one else is.

After those innumerable things you have shared with your roommates, you got to share this article too, right?

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