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Things our friends lie to us about - Just Write Things

Things our friends lie to us about

No matter how tight your friendship is or how close mates you are, no two friends are straight out of the ‘Alok Nath Foundation’ aka innocent x8233764748. Watt pad has spoilt us and raised our standards and expectations by showing us what an ‘ideal’ friendship is. But trust me, our life is no novel and we need to deal with some reality even if it is sour. Yes, friends do lie to each other at times and that is OKAY. We all have lied to our friends at some point in our lives too. We lied to either save the situation or ruin it completely! Let’s hear some lies that our friends say to us (on a daily basis)! Here’s to the ugly truth!


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  1. When they are ‘Late Lateef-ing.’

So basically, ‘Late Lateef’ is a term we Indians give to anyone who is late for any event. There are hardly any times when our friends are on time. And this one friend tells the same lie again and again – the ‘Late Lateef’ of your group. You binge call him to know how long is he going to take and trust me, you know his answer AND the truth deep down in your heart already. Here’s a tiny sketch.

You: Where have you reached? How long is it going to take you?

Him: I’m reaching in like 5 brooooo! I’m almost there!

The Truth: I’ve not even put on my shoes yet brooooo! I’m almost near my door!


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  1. When either of you two is a Jelly Fish.

Are you a possessive friend? Do you have a possessive friend? If your answer to both of these questions was a ‘No’, then either you are lying or you can directly scroll to the next Lie. I know being jealous and possessive are different things, but they are interrelated. This friend likes making you jealous because 1) They feel important 2) Aw, you look so cute when you’re jealous 3) They don’t have better things to do in their lives. This friend is just going to cook stories about how they’ve made a new friend and how they like them more than you JUST so that you get fed up and accept that you’re jealous. There are two endings to this story. Either they just blurt out the truth saying that no such friend exists, or gradually, over the time, fade this character out of the picture.


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  1. When they Fake Laugh.

Obviously we ALL have done this! We have faked our laughter for things that either weren’t funny or we didn’t find funny, just to fit in the group. As we have done this, so have our friends. There might be multiple combinations of situations where your friend has just laughed along (which was a fake one) to save your butt before public or your crush or another friends so that THEY (the others) feel out-of-place and not you. They might tell you later that they were fake laughing, but they’ve got your back forever. Such friends are a blessing.


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  1. When they are the potential actor.

This one’s similar to the Jelly Fish lie, except for the fact that this one’s kind of true. You might have really made a new friend and you know that no two friends can take each other’s place in your life. But your friend may not take this well and hate your new friend. They are in a really pathetic position as they don’t want to behave like a possessive psychopath and make things difficult for you. What do they do? They lie. They amazingly pretend to like this new friend of yours, but on the inside, are crying rivers. Those are the acting skills this world needs!


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  1. When they trip on a Trip.

This friend is by default grounded for the 300 days out of the 365 for no apparent reason. They have strict parents. Dora the Explorer who hangs out with a monkey who wears oversized Boots has more freedom than this friend of yours does. Whenever you guys plan on a trip, this friend knows they’re not going to get the permission to go. But they don’t even want to kill your vibe so they confidently lie about how they’re for sure joining you for this trip. One day prior to the trip they’re going to ‘trip’ and fracture their leg which is why they can’t come for the trip anymore. You saw this coming, didn’t you?


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  1. When they want to be modest about their achievements.

This friend is not your friend. They are cruel. Their lie is as good as being stabbed in your heart and back at the same time. This is the ‘Study Lie’. They lie about not studying enough to even pass the exam or studying just enough to pass on the edge. And you trust them. And you know how much they score? They almost top. I got nothing to say anymore. I think you know this feeling.


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  1. When you want the Treat.

Your friend is broke and so are you. They don’t want to spend and you are looking for opportunities to get free stuff. Nobody needs reasons to ask for a treat. Starting from how they got a new phone till how it is their Birthday, we all ask for treats for any and every reason. Similarly you do and voluntarily your friend agrees. You friend does know that this ‘Treat’ is never going to take place. But they just make the ‘Yes’ look so realistic, you cling onto the hopes of getting the treat. Alas, they keep postponing it and then the reason for the treat becomes ‘stale’. This is the story of our lives, isn’t it?



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  1. When you are each other’s Munna Bhai and Circuit!

If you’ve watched the film ‘Lage Raho Munna Bhai’ released in 2006, you’ll exactly know what I’m talking about. I don’t know if having this kind of friend is a boon or a bane. They are very loyal and committed towards you. They are so devoted in this friendship with you that you regain your belief in humanity. However, this friendship is a curse or disadvantage in many cases. That is because this friend is never going to disagree with you. This friendship is more like a Boss and Employee relationship. They are not going to correct you, give in their real opinions or improve you. They are more like your assistant than your friend and They end up lying all the time to you just because they don’t want to go against you or hurt your feelings. But they fail to know that this, is in the longer run is going to harm you!


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Regardless of these behaviors, we can’t survive without our friends. As I mentioned before, no two friends can replace each other in our lives. Our love doesn’t get divided among people; it just keeps getting added with every new person we meet in our life. Like we need a variety of ingredients to make any dish, we need a variety of people too in our lives to make our life an interesting and delicious dish! I’m sure you would have named each of your friends while reading each Lie. Share this article with your friends and let them know that their lies are out! 😛


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