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10 Hilarious Experiences with an Auto Rickshaw we all have had! - Just Write Things

10 Hilarious Experiences with an Auto Rickshaw we all have had!

If you’re an Indian or someone who’s living in India, you have for sure sat in this ‘three wheeler’ for more than once in your life. No matter how easy, sophisticated and safe the cabs might be, we find the auto rickshaw freer and more home like. Even after the strikes and rejections, auto rickshaws occupy a special resting place for us. So, let’s get on the ride to read the 10 experiences we all have had at least once with an auto rickshaw!

  1. The Rejection


If you’ve been rejected more than Ali has in the entire Dhoom series, you’re the one probably looking for a rickshaw. The most common and expected answer- the rejection. In the rarest of rare case will you get the rickshaw to go to your desired place at the first go. I really wonder as to what in this world makes the auto rickshaw guy say ‘NO’ to go to a place. Do they really like seeing the back-seat empty?!

  1. The Talk Show


After getting rejected, when you FINALLY get another auto rickshaw (well, congrats), this guy is more than just the auto rider. He suddenly becomes some talk show guest and starts with his family history. You try ways to avoid the talk by plugging earphones or not responding after a while, but this guy is not going to spare you! I don’t blame him though. He doesn’t really have colleagues like we all do at our workplaces to talk to! After the ride you wonder if he really worked for a living or for talking!


  1. The Lost Money Maker


This guy has an amazing tactic to increase the fare of your ride. Be it intentionally or unintentionally. He claims on knowing every possible shortcut, and has the route by heart. But after 30 odd minutes, 3 left turns and a couple of right turns (not to forget the consultation of 27 people midway) you both figure out that you’ve reached a place none of you have visited before. Finally, you check the GPS only to know that you’re going to take 50 MORE minutes to reach the destination now which was otherwise meant to be covered in 20 minutes from the place you started off at. Not to forget, the meter has been multiplying too!

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  1. The Rant


This auto rickshaw guy assumes you to be his counsellor or BFF. He is not as talkative as the ‘Talk Show’ guy but nevertheless, this guy’s a pain too. He is going to rant about all the problems in his life in instalments. Every signal or traffic junction your auto halts at, he is going to continue his rants and complaints which by the way you’ll take time to recollect because you would have forgotten where you last stopped talking. You’re so awkward because you can’t really do anything about it!


  1. The Disco


Image result for disco rickshaw


Remember when I said that I don’t blame the ‘Talk Show’ guy for his talkative nature? Well, this guy has his means of entertainment sorted. You’ll enter the rickshaw and get the vibes of a Disco Theque. There are pictures of Bollywood celebrities on the upholstery of the rickshaw. Not to forget the amazing blue and red lighting inside, complementing to the speakers at the back which play the songs that you haven’t heard till date. This one’s got to be a fun ride for you mate! Now you know where you might have heard ‘Raja Raja Raja’ before the FB memes came up!


  1. The OTT Care Taker



For this guy, his rickshaw is his world. He’ll do anything and everything to keep it safe and protected from any possible accidents. He apparently believes in all the superstitions of this world and follows them religiously. He’ll have a lemon and green chillies attached in the front and a small photograph of some God with garland on it with an incense stick below it. The auto’s going to have a first-aid kit too, and definitely a tiny fire extinguisher (trust me, not kidding).



  1. The Extra

He is going to complain and blame you for all the traffic jams you guys face, the pollution, the poverty, how stressful his life as a ‘rickshaw wala’ is and also all the fights he has with his wife. Moreover, he probably needs salvation more than anybody else in the world. He is frustrated with his job. The possibilities of you getting the rant are very low if you’re a male.



  1. The Snail

Image result for slow rickshaw gif


I know you must have figured this type from the name itself. Every time you’re running late, you encounter these guys to make the situation even worse. These rickshaw walas are defeated even by cycles and bullock carts in the imaginary race going on in your head. You wonder, if it’s the vehicle or the driver who’s highly inefficient! Already frustrated for being late, this guy just doesn’t cease to test your patience.


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  1. The Night Rider

Image result for very slow rickshaw meme


This guy is the total opposite of ‘The Snail’. You have no clue why is this guy in so much of hurry that he’s putting lives at stake. He is going to curse and throw shade on anyone who comes in his way which even if delays him by 3 minutes. This experience gets aggravated if there are a number of potholes in your way. You for the first time in your life wish if there was a seatbelt in the auto rickshaw that you could fasten, but all you can do is clench the rod in front of you as tight as you can. Why should bikes have all the fun? xD

(Note: We need this type of auto rider just for us to know the value of our lives).



  1. Pitter Patter Raindrops


This is one of the most difficult and grossest experiences in an auto rickshaw. The monsoon. Everything is muddy and dirty and wet. Monsoons in Indian metro cities aren’t as dreamy and pretty and soothing like they show in the western countries. Everyone’s panicking and looking for a roof. You have your umbrella opened when you’re looking for an auto rickshaw and you need to have the skill of closing it in a split second while you get in the auto. Be extra cautious or you’ll wet the seat. You have to deal with the flying smelly thick curtains which do nothing but make your shoes even dirtier. ARGH!


Even though we complain and criticize the auto rickshaws, no other vehicle can take its place in our hearts. Because we work at places where we have numerous facilities given to us, we tend to neglect the challenges that an auto guy faces throughout his day at work. Every person and his/her profession should be respected. In this article we’ve put forth the experiences that we’ve gained so far regarding the Auto Rickshaws and the Auto Riders. Comment below your experiences with/ in an auto rickshaw and let us know if you’ve ever come across such auto riders!

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