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10 Cartoons we all miss badly!! - Just Write Things

10 Cartoons we all miss badly!!

The younger generations have too many reasons to make us feel jealous of them, like advancement of technology and additional facilities enjoyed by them. But one thing that they cannot enjoy like us are the cartoons which we so thoroughly and emotionally enjoyed. Admit it, cartoons these days are not even half as fun as they were during our generation!


Rushing away to home, throwing away your school bag and not even changing clothes before switching on the Television, all of this to watch the amazing cartoons which we wouldn’t want to miss even for a second! We used to remember Cartoon showtimes more than our school timetable. Here are some Cartoons that will take you back to reliving your childhood once again. Trust me, selecting 10 cartoons from so many of them was indeed difficult!


  1. Scooby Doo

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Nobody can ever forget that howl of Scooby, Scooby Doo was all about a gang of friends who went on mysterious adventures with their dog Scooby who was the main character of the story. Every episode had a new story with it and a new mystery which no one could figure out right till the end. Every episode usually used to end on a happy note with the howl “Scooby Dooby Doooooooo!!”


  1. Beyblade

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Beyblade not only drove the kids to watch the show, but it also made them purchase the Beyblade toys from the superstores and compete against each other in this highly adventurous sport. Beyblade was all about a fictional sport of spinning tops and defeating the opponents played all over the world. Beyblades started hitting the market soon after success of the cartoon and kids purchased them in lots! This cartoon still leaves many in a state of nostalgia.


  1. Tom & Jerry Original

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Tom & Jerry was the favourite T.V. Cartoon of every child born in the 90s. The epic rivalry between Tom & Jerry and yet a strong bond of friendship used to melt our hearts down. While some of us still hope of seeing Tom finally getting hold of Jerry, some of us enjoyed Jerry teasing Tom and getting away so easily every time. This is still the best cartoon for many, many people.



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  1. Power Puff Girls

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The Favourite TV Show of most of the girls, “Power Puff Girls”, original in its content was about three girls who got magical powers to fly and fight enemies. While we loved their silly talks, this cartoon really taught us about maintaining friendship with our fellows and always standing by each other.


  1. Dexter’s Laboratory

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Dexter’s Laboratory is about a super smart kid who has his own laboratory and used to carry out experiments in his secret Lab. His sister though, DeeDee never missed any moment to tease him or annoy him. Dexter’s experiments were really cool and he was a cartoon-ic inspiration to every science kid. I personally used to touch the walls of my house to check out for my Laboratory when I was a toddler myself.


  1. Dragon Tales

    Image result for dragon tales


Remember those kids from the Dragon Tales who used to take us with them in the Dragon World? How badly we wish such a world existed in reality! One of the most loved shows of all, Dragon Tales is one of the most exciting cartoon tale we have ever seen!


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  1. Road Runner

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Who doesn’t remember the “Beep Beep” of the Road Runner who used to run as fast as a bullet? Several attempts were made by the wolf to stop the road runner every now and then, but only to fail each time. It was one of the most hilarious and classic cartoons of all time!


  1. Dragon Ball Z

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Hands down, Dragon Ball Z was the favourite cartoon of each 90s boy. The Karate based Japanese cartoon amassed huge fame all over the world and several movies were made on the story later on. Who still wants to be like Goku, Gohan or Veggeta? I still dream of possessing skills like them!


  1. Kids Next Door

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Kids Next Door is about a gang of kids who were secret investigators and action heroes who used to go on a mission against evil powers and fight together as a team. Although small in size, they still didn’t used to hesitate and no evil power was greater than their team spirit. Kids Next Door always taught a lesson of Team work, Leadership and Fighting for the right.


  1. Pokemon

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A list of cartoons without this epic anthology would always remain incomplete. One more Japanese cartoon, Pokemon at 5 and Beyblade to follow at 5.30 still give chills to every 90s kid. I still wish I had a friend like Ash had Pikachu! The android game Pokemon Go also got huge success which was based on the concept of this cartoon. Haven’t watched Pokemon yet? You’ve definitely missed a lot in life!



Cartoons will always remain an integral part of our lives. How we wish we could still leave everything aside and enjoy these cartoons once again, thus reliving our childhood. But alas, some dreams remain dreams! 🙁

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