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10 Types of Friends we all have in our squad! - Just Write Things

10 Types of Friends we all have in our squad!

We all need friends in every phase of our lives. In this journey, some friends stay forever, some drift apart. But nonetheless, how much ever time we spend with them turns memorable. We often meet new people and get used to their strange habits in no time. But at the end what remains are memories! Here are 10 types of friends we all have had at least in one phase of our lives and somewhere, we miss them!


  1. The Photographer:


These types of friends love taking photographs and are pretty good at it too. Whenever you want the perfect picture to keep as your display or upload on any social media, you NEED them. But the sad part is, because this person is always behind the camera, there are hardly any pictures of them in your friends’ album.

  1. Momma’s pet:


Before every hangout or meet up, these types of friends have to take permission from their parents. They need two business days to convince their parents! They do not really encourage last moment plans what so ever and the only reason the poor friend gives for not being a part of the plan is that “their momma is not allowing them”!


  1. The Ditcher:



This friend is always in for every meet up, only till the day before the D-DAY. At the last moment, this friend, all of a sudden remembers their project submission or a family function or something as mere as wanting to sleep early that night that creates an obstacle for them to join.



  1. Always Available:



This buddy values your friendship more than anything under the sun. This is your 2 a.m. friend. And you include them in plans without even their consent because you know that they’re going to tag along come what may. They are also the most vella people though! xD



  1. Lovey Dovey Bee:



This friend is dating someone (every other week maybe) and is so obsessed with their partner, that they’ll tell you that they’re busy with some important work whenever you call them, but you anyway figure out that it’s nothing but a date with their ‘significant other’. Oh these love birds! They always make you realize that you are so single and forever alone! :/


  1. Chandler:



This person is the Chandler of your F.R.I.E.N.D.S. We all know Chandler and love him of course for his sarcasm. This friend will find any damn thing from the universe and place a sarcastic comment on it. He’s funny but rude at the same time and only a few people can stand him. Very specific people get his shady humour.



  1. Single Love Guru:


These are those types of friends who are single, but are pros at giving relationship advices. They have the solutions for your every doubt and problem, and are very knowledgeable in such subjects. You always wonder why they are still not taken though!



  1. The Flirt:



We all have this friend who hits on every person he/she meets. They can’t commit to one person and want to live a relaxed life. But they strongly believe in “flirting is healthy, just like Yoga”, so instead of doing Yoga, they prefer flirting!



  1. Proxy Marker:



How many of us have never ever asked anyone else to mark our proxies? Duh! No one! Obviously we all have at least once asked, or if not, wished that someone else marked our proxy for that one boring teacher’s lecture. These types of friends are not actually your friends. But you want to keep contact with them because they’re your only source of maintaining attendance.



  1. Study Buddy:



This friend is not a friend. He/ She are your ‘classmate’. You only are in talking terms with them because after the Proxy Marker, they come to your rescue. Because you’ve bunked lectures, you don’t understand a thing. But Study Buddies are the highly enlightened set of students who just automatically understand studies no matter they bunk a day or a week.

No matter what, all of them play an important role in our life. They are the contributors of the personality and experiences that we have today! How many types of friends from the above list exist in your life? How many of them have you encountered till date? And which type of friend are you?

5 thoughts on “10 Types of Friends we all have in our squad!

  • April 22, 2017 at 6:56 am

    Woww…..thats like a spot on observation kanu….Keep writing, keep shining…Good luck?

  • April 22, 2017 at 9:58 am

    I wish I could write like you….Truly these 10 types of friends come from various walks of life and form a unbreakable bond with each other …. Awesome….Keep Writing …..Keep Sharing….Kandy??

  • April 22, 2017 at 3:56 pm

    Nice article Kanu… Now m thinking which category do I fit in for my friends??? 😉 😛


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