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5 Conspiracy Theories that will leave you shocked! - Just Write Things

5 Conspiracy Theories that will leave you shocked!

Human beings are wondrous creatures. What makes us wondrous is a 15 centimeter organ known as Brain. Apart from contemplating, understanding, sending signals through its neurons and basically managing everything, human brains also happens to be very curious. Perhaps curiosity killed the cat but not the curious brains. Such curiosity by few intellectuals has lead to formation of these conspiracy theories which will leave you wondering about all you have read so far!

  1. Did the RMS Titanic Ever Sink?


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Titanic the infamous unsinkable ship sank after hitting an ice berg in the North Atlantic Ocean on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City on 15th April 1912 causing 1500 casualties. But Robin Gardiner suggests otherwise. In his book ‘Titanic: The Ship that never sank?’ says that Olympic, Titanic’s almost identical sister ship was disguised as Titanic just before its maiden voyage as an insurance scam by her owner. On 20th September 1911 Olympic was involved in a collision with HMS Hawke which was a Royal Navy War ship. An Admiralty Inquiry assigned blame on to Olympic for the collision despite numerous eye witnesses stating the contrary. White Star Line’s insurer allegedly backed out due to these findings and Titanic’s completion also took a backseat due to Olympic’s return with extensive damages. All this would have caused serious financial loss to the company. According to Gardiner: at least one of the two vessels must be running and so the damaged Olympic was patched up and launched as Titanic and the real Titanic was silently replaced as Olympic and it served for 25 years before being scrapped in 1935.


  1. Holocaust Denial


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Holocaust is the event that took place during the Second World War where in the Jews and other ethnic groups considered “undesirable” were gathered in Concentration Camps for different purposes like experiment subjects, laborers and so on eventually leading to their extermination. These camps were primarily organized by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party. Historical revisionists say that the Jews were only being deported from Reich and extermination was not included. Some revisionists claim it as a “myth” developed by the Jews to subjugate other religions. They have three primary arguments to support their conspiracy: 1) Nazis’ never had any specific policy of exterminating Jews as no written order was passed by Adolf Hitler. 2) The historically accepted figures of 6 million casualties are highly exaggerated and only tenth of the figure died in reality. This is based on a Red Cross Publication listing 300,000 registered deaths of German Jews. 3) Nazis did not use gas chambers or concentration camps. This argument was put to rest when a holocaust survivor presented his real life experience of seeing his mother and sister being gassed to death. In spite of evidences the revisionists are supported by groups like White Supremacist, Neo Nazis’ and other anti-sematic groups.


  1. The Pearl Harbor conspiracy


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On December 7, 1941 the Japanese attacked US Naval Base Pearl Harbor leading to huge amount of casualties and the first ever use of atomic weapons at Hiroshima and Nagasaki leading to catastrophic destruction and an end to the war. The atomic bombs had indelible damages on both ends. But what if President Franklin Roosevelt of USA was already aware of the attacks on Pearl Harbor and kept silent? During World War 2 United Kingdom was out of resources to fight against Germany and turned to USA in order to form an allegiance. But 80% of the citizens were against USA entering into a European War. Allegedly President Roosevelt had ulterior motives. According to Revisionists President wanted to participate in the war and therefore Japan was provoked to launch an attack. In September 1944, John T. Flynn launched Pearl Harbor revisionism by publishing a forty- six page booklet titled The Truth about Pearl Harbor. According to his theory America was facing war isolation.


The war did lead to emergence of America as the super power. Is this theory true? Many historians believe that it a case of lack of preparedness than a conspiracy. But everything is not what it seems.


  1. Did they ever step on the Moon?


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On 20th July 1969 Apollo 11 landed on the moon with Neil A. Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin “Buzz” E. Aldrin, Jr. on board. Neil Armstrong stepped on the Lunar surface six hours later followed by Aldrin who stepped after another 20 minutes. They brought 21.5 Kilograms of lunar material back to Earth. But according to doubters the manned moon landing was indeed hoax. On 13th September 1959 Soviet Union’s Luna 2 had landed on the Moon and the U.S Government was desperate to beat their cold war enemy. Therefore, moon landing was a stage act organized by NASA and other organizations. As per this conspiracy, a set was created in Hollywood Hills or in Arena 51. Evidences supporting this theory include the U.S flag waving possibly by a breeze when it is a state of vacuum in the space, multiple shadows in the images when Sun is the only source of light and so shadows must fall only in one direction, no stars in the background and so on. NASA has defended these arguments but they seem improbable to the doubters.


  1. Death of Homi Bhabha

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Homi Jahangir Bhabha, The father of Indian Nuclear Physics was a visionary and with his vision India would have gain the status of a nuclear nation a long time ago. He died on his ill-fated journey when Air India flight crashed into Mount Blanc on January 24, 1966. It is hard to believe a plane with no technical issues crashing into the summit. In 2012 Indian Diplomatic Baggage was discovered on the crash site containing newspapers, letters and no important document in a type C diplomatic bag. It was confirmed by the CIA agent Robert Crawley to be sabotage because United States of America saw this inception as a threat. Was it a mishap or a successful assassination?


Surprised/Shocked?! So are we.


P.S.: We do not support or endorse any of these stories. This is only meant for informative purpose and to get your brains to ask QUESTIONS because apparently everything is not what it seems.

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