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15 iPhone Tricks Every Mobile Lover should know about! - Just Write Things

15 iPhone Tricks Every Mobile Lover should know about!

The prestige of iPhone is not just in its looks or its status symbol. There are much more in an iPhone than you can think of. To begin with, we have assembled these 15 easy iPhone Tricks which every mobile lover, whether using an iPhone or not should know about. After using android phones for several years, some people may find it difficult to adapt to and may regret their newly bought iPhones (6S and onwards). But here are 15 iPhone Tricks that will help you use your iPhone to its fullest, that too from the very start of its usage! By the end of this article, your iPhone will turn from a complex device to a user friendly one!


  1. Invert Colours At Night


If you’re nocturnal when it comes to social media, and therefore use your phone at night when the lights in your room are off, this hack will surely help you. To prevent the white screen from damaging your eyes, apart from low brightness option, you can invert colours. This will turn every colour on the screen to its negative. Go to SETTINGS> GENERAL> ACCESSIBILITY> DISPLAY ACCOMODATIONS> and select INVERT COLOURS.


  1. Increase in brightness reduction



If the brightness that you reduce from the Control Centre isn’t enough, then there is a way by which you can reduce the brightness even more. Go to SETTINGS> GENERAL> ACCESSIBILITY> DISPAY ACCOMODATIONS> and select REDUCE WHITE POINT. You can then adjust the brightness where the brightest is 25% and the dullest is 100%.



  1. Lock Notes



If you want to save any important personal information in your phone notes, you can save it freely with this hack. This hack adds a lock to that specific note that you select and no one can have access to it, even if your phone is in somebody else’s hand, unlocked. Go to NOTES> Select the SHARE symbol at the top right> Select LOCK NOTE> ENTER PASSWORD> Create a password> Select the symbol of the unlocked LOCK. You can use your finger print as well to unlock the note. (Note: All the saved finger prints’ locks will be able to unlock the note.)



  1. 3D Touch



Instead of clicking on the Home Button twice to get back to the Home Screen or switching from one window to the other, you can use 3D Touch. It is nothing but a long press with greater pressure applied. To switch from windows and to clear them, 3D touch on the left corner of the screen and swipe up respectively. To enable 3D Touch, go to SETTINGS> GENERAL> ACCESSIBILITY> 3D TOUCH> Select 3D Touch. Adjust the sensitivity to LIGHT.



  1. Torch Mode



The iPhone Torch has three modes of the light emitted. To adjust the light intensity to Low, Medium or High, here is the solution. Slide from the bottom of the screen, upwards to view the Control Centre> 3D Touch the Torch symbol> Select the required option.



  1. Hiding Notifications


While using iPhone, you must have noticed that, even if your phone is locked, your messages appear on the screen. This can be a risk to your privacy. Therefore, to hide your notifications, (For e.g. WhatsApp), go to SETTINGS> NOTIFICATIONS> WHATSAPP> Unselect SHOW ON LOCK SCREEN.



  1. Undo Shake



It so happens at times, that you by mistake delete some words from a text that you were typing and now you can’t have it back. But there’s an option in iPhone, through which you can undo your actions by just shaking your phone. To enable this feature, go to SETTINGS> GENERAL> ACCESSIBILITY> SHAKE TO UNDO> Select SHAKE TO UNDO.




  1. Assistive Touch



Assistive Touch is a small grey square which appears on any corner of the screen (movable) and comprises of shortcuts to various functions. For e.g. taking a screenshot, undo shake, Siri, Notification Centre, etc. To enable Assistive Touch, go to SETTINGS> GENERAL> ACCESSIBILITY> ASSISTIVE TOUCH> Select ASSISTIVE TOUCH. You can further customise the shortcuts as per your needs.




  1. Camera AE/AF Lock



While clicking a picture, you tap the screen to focus on a particular object. But it goes away as soon as you move the camera. To keep the focus at a fixed place, even when you move the camera, simply use 3D Touch on the screen where you need the focus. AE/AF LOCK will appear at the top of the screen.




  1. Airplane Mode Charge



If your phone battery is at its minimum and you want it to get charged faster, switch your phone to Airplane Mode while charging and again switch on the Wifi. That way you can use your social media apps, and your phone gets charged quicker.




  1. Adjust Cursor



Sometimes while typing, we wish to place the cursor in between the word to correct our spelling errors. However, our fingers may fail to co-operate with us during this. Hence, in order to place the cursor wherever you want to with ease, 3D touch on the keyboard. It will select the cursor and then you can drag and place the cursor wherever you want to.




  1. Alphabets with accent marks


While typing in a foreign language viz., French, German, Spanish etc., or words like fiancé or café, you may require accent marks. Therefore to get these, switch the keyboard to English and just long touch on the required alphabet without actually pressing it. Options of the alphabet with accent marks will appear above the alphabet. (Do not 3D Touch)



  1. Blank Text Message


Now that we have so many free social media apps, hardly anyone uses the text message feature. But when your friend can’t access to the internet, you have no other option, but to send a text message. However, if you’re lazy to type the words such as ‘Come online’, you can simply send a blank text message by typing nothing but just the space bar. You can have your code words for any blank text too by pressing the space bar different number of times which you don’t want anyone else to understand. (Note: Blank messages will appear blank to the other person too, hence, decide the code language beforehand!)




  1. Time of the Text Message


When you are chatting through the normal text messages, you must have noticed that you can see the timing only at the start of a new conversation. But, you can see the time of each and every message sent or received, just by dragging your message to the left. On the right margin, appears the time.



  1. Siri Relationships


You can address some people on your contact list with the relationship you share with them. You just have to tell Siri that so and so person is your father, mother, sister, brother, husband, wife, etc. Siri will ask you if you want it to be remembered and noted. After you select “Yes”, whenever you wish to call them, you can tell Siri to call them. For e.g.:  “Hey Siri, call my father!”


These were 15 basic hacks which will help you a lot. You may have known some already, but we are sure you might not have been aware of them all! Let us know some more if you know any 🙂


P.S: More Tech Tricks coming up! Stay Tuned.

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