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7 School Memories which will make you nostalgic! - Just Write Things

7 School Memories which will make you nostalgic!

Schooling phase is probably the best phase one can experience in life. School is the best place to learn things, make memories and lifelong friends. And therefore, let us help you relish those moments once again!

  1. Mid Period Lunches –


Who doesn’t remember enjoying lunches in middle of the class session and getting it finished before the recess? Eating your tiffin in between the school periods was more of a daring task, only some bravehearts could eat the food without being noticed by the teacher. This was one of the best memory of school life. Different Lunches and different tastes were the best part of eating together. Eating together is always fun if you have things to discuss along with eating the food.


  1. That Boring Class –

Image result for sleeping in the class


No matter how intelligent you were in your school days, you would have definitely had a subject that bored you and you couldn’t wait for the class to end. Everyone remembers that subject which literally made you cry right till the end. When almost half of the students were asleep, only some could keep their eyes open and they would be termed the Warriors in this battlefield. But come what may, sleeping in the class was a different feeling altogether, <3


  1. That always fiery teacher!

There was always a teacher who used to scold students for no reason or used to scare them before every exam by saying that this time she would be checking the exam sheets strictly and nobody would get good marks. After most of the students got good marks  she always used to say that this time she had checked the sheets leniently but will be doing it strictly next time. After 2 or 3 exams, everybody started paying no heed to her talks. She someday used to interfere in class matters or reached the coordinator whenever somebody did something wrong. Have you ever messed up with such a teacher? If yes, only you can feel the burn of that adventure!

  1. Mass Bunk-

Image result for mass bunk 


Raise your hand if you remember those days when you and your friends planned a mass bunk on a particular day and decided to rest at home. Along with your friends, you used to compel other people too not to come to school that day. Even after so many efforts, there were students who would turn up that day and then complain about those who had planned a mass bunk.



  1. Taking Control over the School Canteen!

Have you ever had your eyes glued on the clock waiting for the recess so that you could go out and eat in the canteen area? There 2 things a kid loves; 1. Maa ke haath ka khaana and 2. Friend ke paise pe free ka khaana! Remember that bhukkad school friend? Or were you yourself the bhukkad one? 😛


  1. Never Ending Talks


There were talks that were never ending. From discussing about playing an online game to talking about reality shows, students have everything to discuss within themselves. The best thing was talking by passing chits around through the entire class without letting the teacher know about it! How many secret chit-channels did you create in the school? 😉


  1. Punishment as an enjoyment!

Image result for when you argue with the teacher


Remember that time when you used to enjoy getting scolded, just because it made you famous? Not doing the homework and arguing with the teacher made you feel like a super star, isn’t it? Your epic replies to the teachers would become the talking point of the day in the entire school! 😉



Truly, there is nothing better than school! Share your school memories with us. Tag your school squad in the comments!

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