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First Date Tips: Answers to 10 questions which every guy asks himself before his first date - Just Write Things

First Date Tips: Answers to 10 questions which every guy asks himself before his first date

The First Date is always too special and it has a lasting effect on your relationship. It is the first chance to impress your girl and we’re sure you would wish to cash in big straight away! Dates can be so fascinating and romantic. And at the same time they can be very confusing. The whole process can be very stressful especially for the male fraternity because let’s be honest girls can be (and are) very tricky sometimes. Handling a girl requires some talent and it isn’t as easy as you think. But by the time you end up reading this, we are sure it will get easier for you!

So, there is nothing to worry about because we got you covered. We have not only prepared a list of 10 common question every guy asks himself before his first date, but also got you appropriate answers which shall help you make it perfect. Let’s rock and roll then!


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  • Where should I take her for the FIRST DATE?

Well, the easier way out is talking about where you shouldn’t take her. Never plan a date at your residence, especially not the first one unless you live in a mansion. If you do, it does not convey a very good message. If she seems like an introvert, a fine dinner will do the trick. The extroverts will be more than happy to go out on activities like trekking, game night (provided she watches any), concerts, etc. And if she seems like an ambivert then you are in luck my friend. You can mix match and have the best of both worlds.



  • What should I talk about?

People go out on dates to spend some quality time and get to know each other. So talk about yourself, interests, work, passion and so on but with all due respect not the whole time. Be a good listener as well. Girls love talking and remember you are here to get to know her. So let her have her piece as well.


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  • Should I mention about my past relationships?

If this topic pops into your head, then first of all why do you want to bring back the dead? Surely your curiosity seems to have no limit which brings me to my second of all, why now, on your first date itself? It is always advisable to wait for few more days before you talk about your Exes, Ys and Zs. Focus on your present rather than your past.


  • Personal Questions?

By all means go ahead and ask them but only till the threshold limit. Don’t make her uncomfortable by talking about something she doesn’t want to.


  • Should I alter the venue?

Do it if you are taking her to the Eiffel Tower. If you don’t have anything of that magnitude then alteration wouldn’t paint a pretty picture about you. Delaying the date or changing the venue few hours prior, especially on your first date, is definitely not prescribed as it can upset a lot of women. Unless you don’t have an actual emergency or a better place in mind, stick to your schedule.


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  • Being late is a style statement

Whoever said this was nothing but a Con artist who could never make it on time and ran out of excuses. Do you like to wait? I don’t think any of us likes to wait. Punctuality is mandatory especially on your first dates and there no gender bias to it. If the delay is situational then you must inform your partner as soon as possible because no one likes to wait.


  • What should I wear?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. You might have heard somewhere that first impression is last impression. I am doubtful about other situations but when it comes to your first date the saying definitely comes into picture. Appearance does matter but it is a bit too overrated. Comfort and confidence is the key. Whatever your wear should be comfortable and make you feel confident.


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  • Does she know that I am not listening?

Yes brother she knows. She is only playing nonchalant because she doesn’t want to ruin the evening. Please do her and yourself a favor and try to be genuinely interested in whatever she is saying. If it is absolutely unbearable then let her know politely. Trust me it will save a great deal of suffering and casualties on both sides.


  • What is she expecting?

The nature of the Date envisages expectations. If you both had fun, a few more dates are on the way or vice versa. You apparently know what you want but are in doubts of her intensions. The only way of finding out is by letting her know what you are looking for. Perhaps you are looking for a casual fling; hook up, taking it slow or eternal love. Whatever the case maybe, just let her know your side and listen to her side.


  • Is she able to see through me?

We humans have the tendency of underestimating our opponents and overestimating ourselves. Our brain tricks us into believing that the façade is credible. No one can see through it. But in reality she is able to break through the pretenses. So don’t portray something you are not. Instead be transparent, honest and candid. Women dig for honesty and authenticity because it has become so rare. Be your unconventional self  and the rare one if you want to have a good time and some more dates in the future with her.

We hope you have got the big mystery solved and are all set to take the girl of your dreams out on your first date. Happy Dating! Keep following Just Write Things for more relationship tips! 😉


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