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5 Reasons why Manohar Parrikar will be missed as the Defence Minister - Just Write Things

5 Reasons why Manohar Parrikar will be missed as the Defence Minister


The ex CM of Goa and one of the most modest, simple and honest politicians India has witnessed, Manohar Parrikar is all set to serve Goa as a CM again. However, the Defence Minister will have to resign from his office to serve the Goans again. This is indeed going to be a huge setback for the cabinet of Narendra Modi and also for the Ministry of Defensc. We have picked out 5 points which state why Manohar Parrikar will be missed in the Ministry of Defence more than any other DM has ever been!


“A terrorist coming to India with a gun should not expect human rights (JNU sunte ho?).  If required, we will neutralize terrorists with terrorists. Our army of 1.3 million is not for preaching peace.”

And indeed, India answered not only the terrorists, but also the ceasefire violations by the Pakistani Army in style. A man of words, Manohar Parrikar boosted the moral of his Army by letting them answer every ceasefire violation by Pakistan with autonomy.

It was quite evident from his comments and actions that he was not here to say “Hum Kadi Ninda Karte Hai”. His little words were backed his actions. As we say in cricket, let the bat do the talking? Hell yes!

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Though Mr. DM isn’t as big a BOL BACHAN as Mr. PM is, but whenever he got a chance, he made sure that the opposition was slayed big time. SAVAGE AS WE SAY! Manohar Parrikar always argued on facts and talked point to point.



Watch: Manohar Parrikar slays the opposition in the Parliament



Right from protecting the dignity of army to cleaning the past sins, he did everything to expose the guilty. Be it exposing the accused in Agusta or exposing the people who tried to politicize the army routines. One instance was of WB CM calling military exercise as military coupe. No one was spared!

Watch: Manohar Parrikar Answers the opposition over the military exercise in West Bengal


4. SURGICAL STRIKES & Other Operations?

“New Delhi mein kisi samjhdaar aadmi ne kisi dusre samjhdaar aur taqatvar aadmi ko ye samjhaya ki har jung border par nahi hoti, unhone ye bhi samjhaya ki akkalmandi gharme baithkar marne mein nahi, gharme ghuskar maarne mein hai!”

Well this dialogue from BABY came quite true. We saw our security forces neutralizing the terrorists, naxalities, militants and all other enemies of state. After a long while, we’ve had a defence minister who had the courage to take on the enemies. Be it attacks on militants on the Indo-Burma border or the famous cross border SURGICAL STRIKES in Pakistan or be it neutralizing terrorists in Kashmir (You know whom).  There was also a mannerism noticed in which army conducted encounters in J&K.


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The news didn’t gather much hype but it was evident that DM Manohar Parrikar was bringing in changes in the kind of relationship shared between MOD, NSA and the Army. The DGMO was the one to break out the news of Surgical Strike. It was evident that army was conducting much more media interactions than ever before.

The Make in India program got the Indian manufacturers to manufacture defence equipments. There were orders passed to get in more powerful and better configured vehicles for transport made within the country. It was a turning phase for the defence sector in India.

Not only this, the Defence minister is one of the best negotiators the government has! He has helped India saved millions of dollars on defence equipments, thanks to his negotiating skills. He got in deals with Russia for manufacturing the choppers in India and with France for manufacturing the jets at a much better price.

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It is indeed a big setback for the Ministry of Defence that Manohar Parrikar won’t be serving it anymore. The regional parties and independent MLAs have agreed to form a government with the BJP in Goa only if their beloved ex CM Manohar Parrikar will be sworn in as the CM again. This clearly defines the amount of love he has received from the Goans. Just like they couldn’t get another CM like Manohar Parrikar, India probably can’t get another DM like him either.

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  • March 19, 2017 at 6:37 pm

    Nice work Jai !!!
    Mr Parrikar truly was a great Defence Minister.


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