How to hide files/folders behind image

In This Tutorial We Would Learn to Hide a File Behind an Image

Follow the steps:

1) copy the file ,u need to hide ,to desktop(for our tutorial let us assume the file to be “x.txt”)
2) copy the image, within wich u need to hide the file ,to desktop(let it be “y.jpg”)
3) convert the file(x.txt) to rar using winrar
4) so now u have “x.rar”(x is the name i assume to be of ur file)
5) now u can delete the real file wich u need to hide(here,”x.txt”)
6) now open the cmd:


>type:cmd and hit enter

7)in cmd first type the code as follows:

>cd desktop
NOTE:this code is for assigning the location on cmd to desktop

8)now type the following code:

> copy /b x.rar+y.jpg out.jpg

NOTE:* In this code “x.rar” is the compressed form of our file which should be hidden

  • “y.jpg” is the image within which we will hide the file
  • “out.jpg” is the output image inside this out image our file is hidden

How to retrieve files

1)open winrar
2)locate out.jpg in winrar
3)double click
4)there you are in that you could find ur file “x.txt”
5)drag the file to anywhere you want it to be extracted


Check out the VIdeo for more

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