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10 Reasons why every Girl needs a 'guy best friend' - Just Write Things

10 Reasons why every Girl needs a ‘guy best friend’

Bollywood has always tried to convince us that “Ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte.” Not just Bollywood, as soon as we start growing up there seems to be an iron door between the two genders. Maybe that is the part and parcel of growing up. But in the entire hustle bustle we still end up crossing paths with that one idiot guy and sometimes we end up becoming very special part of each other’s lives, proving all the Bollywood movies wrong. This whole ‘friendship’ with that idiot guy friend is an enchanting experience. If you are a girl and if you have a guy best friend, you will surely be able to relate to this. Here are 10 amazing experiences which prove why every girl needs a guy best friend!

Simple Beings:

As difficult as boys may seem, in reality they are just very simple beings. In general cases, according to my observation, their line of thinking is very straight. A girl’s description of a mango would say: Yellow color, sweet with a dash of sourness in taste, packed with nutritious components and she can go on and on till the sun goes down. But for a guy a mango is a mango or it is a yellow color fruit. That’s it. It is that simple life.

Being a thinker is essential but sometimes taking life as it comes makes it fun.

Gossip Girl:

Remember that TV series by the same name that revolved around the teens of Upper East Side Manhattan, New York. The show featured a blog called Gossip Girl where a secret blogger posted updates on the lives of the upper east siders. Guys are similar to the secret blogger. They hate to admit it but on many occasions they gossip more than the infamous girls. A guy best friend will enable you to cherish that coveted side of yours.

Amazing Shoppers:

Ever been shopping with a guy? If you haven’t then it is a must. Why you ask? They are simply incredible at this job. Red dress, pink top, pair of denims and black dress creates confusion in the mind of a female shopper but for a male shopper it’s easy because whatever you try he will like them all. Since they like all of them a female mind starts making a mental priority list and zeros down to the best or ends up buying all of them. You get what you want either way and on some occasions even more.

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Drinking Partner:

Guys who are seasoned drinkers have an appetite of a horse when it comes to drinking. They get drunk AF and the best part is they would never admit it. Oh the never ending denial phase! They are always up for a drink, maybe two, oh who cares unless the bottles are not lying around empty. And this makes them amazing drinking partner.

The Minion:

We all love Minions, don’t we? They are cute, obedient and you can really make them do anything.. Well your guy bestie more or less walks on the same line. He is obviously cute. He knows when to be obedient and they can really do anything for you no matter what.

Notification Bar:

In this modern age most of us have smart phones. You know there is this notification bar right on top that gives you all the updates, your guy best friend is a living example of that bar. The updates would be regarding sports (football or cricket), models you never even knew existed, double-entendre jokes, of course porn and all other weird stuff that never crosses your mind. It is absolutely enlightening.

Leaning Tower of Pisa:

You know how the Leaning Tower of Pisa leans and never falls because of its strong roots and magnificent architecture that is the kind of strong and unbreakable bond you can have with a guy friend. This one is actually a no joke. They never judge you for anything. You can cry in front of them, vent about your boyfriends, curse your life and they wouldn’t even flinch.

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All in one package:

A boyfriend is your boyfriend, your father is your father and your brother is your brother. These three male figures in your life may be your friend as well but they cannot interchange their roles with each other. But your guy best friend was probably trained somewhere to play all these roles, sometimes even all at once and he is damn good at it.


No he cannot fly, does not have lightning fast speed, no laser eyesight (Bet he would kill have it :P) and thankfully he does not wear his underwear over his pants but he has everything a girl can wish for in a guy. That simply makes him a Superman.

Last but not the least:

A girl will always be incomplete without her guy best friend. Afterall, with whom will you share those stupid tales, those crazy jokes, those frustrating moments and of course, you need someone to back bitch with too, right? When he’s away or busy, you might feel lonely or empty inside and life suddenly gets dull. He is perhaps the one person you need all the time around and definitely you cannot thank him enough. The idiot best friend of yours is the one who actually ‘completes you and makes you who you are!’.

This list is never ending. You always discover something new about him every single day and all the time in the entire world would not be enough to express how amazing he is and how lucky every girl is to have a friend like him.

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