Just Write Things Team

Meet the Architects of Just Write Things!

Parth Parikh

Position: Founder, Writer, Editor in Chief

A chartered Accountancy Student, Parth Parikh is a 20 year old aspiring writer and entrepreneur. Parth has been fond of writing poems and write ups ever since his early school days and he has carried on this hobby of his ever since. Having an experience of working with multiple websites, he now wishes to start a venture of his own in the form of Just Write Things.

Madhur Nigam

Position: Featured Writer

Madhur loves to see the ‘punny’ side of things. Slightly introvert and highly sarcastic in nature, he loves sharing his opinions on Bollywood, cricket and write poems with a blend of Urdu and Hindi.

Prasannata Patwa

Position: Intern Writer

Aamir Khan said in Rang de Basanti that there are only two ways of living life, Whatever is happening let it happen, keep tolerating or else take a decision and responsibility and make a difference. Prasannata believes in the latter part of this saying. Student, Amateur writer, sometimes introvert, sometimes extrovert, basically an ambivert, movie buff, tv show junkie, chatter box and a complete weirdo at times, this is how she describes herself.