5 Reasons why Ganesh Chaturthi is the best time to be in Mumbai!

The lights, the noise, the happiness, the liveliness, the reason to meet your near and dear ones! Who doesn’t like festivals? But hey, Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai is not just an ordinary festival. It is like a different time zone altogether, where nothing can ever go wrong. Diwali? Holi? Sorry folks! Ganesh Chaturthi is the best time to be in Mumbai, sans second thoughts! By the end of the article, you’ll stop wondering what makes me say so!


  1. Lord Ganesha walks into your homes!

What could be better than the Lord himself walking in your houses? And with him, come all the neighbours, friends, relatives and lots of Modaks! The aura of the Ganesh idols is such that it brings one and all together, and closer.

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  1. The Nashik Dhol!

This is the time when you find entire Mumbai on their feet. The Nashik Dhol can get everybody up and running. Mumbai, the city that never sleeps turns into Mumbai, the dancing city on this day and during the visarjans! Imagine millions of people in one of the biggest cities in the world up on their feet! Still wonder, why Ganesh Chaturti is the best time to be in Mumbai?


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  1. Everything is lively!

Diwali is undoubtedly the festival of lights in India, but yet, the entire city lights up during this time of the year as well. There is no other place as lively as Mumbai is during Ganesh Chaturthi! (And this isn’t a hyperbole). There is light, there is sound and entire Mumbai is in action. Shout Ganpati Bappa in any corner of the city and you’ll have Morya coming back! xD


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  1. The colours!

I know this too, that Holi is supposed to be the festival of colours. But well, the colourful Ganesh idols are indeed a treat to the eyes. More so, each temple and area generally have their ‘Rajas’ and their kingdoms decorated in some really unique theme. Innovation is at its peak and the city is as vibrant as it could ever be during this time of the year. This festival can really compete Holi and Diwali, and you still wonder why Ganesh Chaturthi is the best time to be in Mumbai?


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  1. It brings people closer!

Wait, isn’t this the basic purpose of all the festivals? Yes, definitely it is, but it is different this time around. You visit dozens of houses for darshan, meet hundreds of people in the process, and relive thousands of memories which leave you in nostalgia for the rest of the year. Moreover, you go bounty hunting throughout the city to visit the famous temples and places with different groups of people every now and then. 12 hours at Lalbaug is enough for you to make new friends around while you wait in the line for your turn. 😛


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After all of this, I am sure you’d know why Ganesh Chaturthi is the best time to be in Mumbai. Mumbai is said to be the city that never stops, and you bet, it is all because of the Bappa’s blessings on the entire city. Ganpati Bappa! Morya!


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