Watch: The most talked about Indian Short Film – Abhisarika

Shot Movies on Youtube are gaining a lot of attention these days. Some really quality short movies have been made in the past few years which have won the hearts of millions of people over the video search engine. While some movies really get the due reorganization they deserve, some miss out on making it big due to lack of awareness among short movie lovers.
One such movie, called Abhisarika, was recently the most talked about Indian Short Film on youtube. Produced by the 9D Productions, it is a movie based on a social evil which we don’t even talk about. It is a story of a Call Girl which is meant to change your views towards those women of the society who have always been neglected and treated in inhuman manner.


Abhisarika has already crossed over 2 Million Views on Youtube now and is still getting promoted by the word of mouth. We, at Just Write Things support the initiative of the people who have worked in this movie and therefore, wish to promote this movie further to spread awareness of a fact which we so easily choose to ignore. We must all realize that no matter what profession someone takes, as long as it is not affecting the life of other individuals in a negative way, it is not wrong and they are humans too. There are many such professions where the people doing such jobs are treated in an inhuman manner and we need to work on those areas to bring this society closer. Having said this, you can watch the movie right here and let your friends and family know about it as well! All the feminists talking about rights of women, this is how you can do your bit!



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