Nokia and Orange join to develop 5G service

Nokia teams up with Orange (formerly known as France Telecom) to develop new 5g services to deliver improved data speeds, network latency and agility, together with the ability to enable new services like network slicing. Nokia believes that this new and improved network would allow carriers to support more customers and potentially billions of connected IoT devices.

Nokia mentions that the that with 5G capabilities, “it would even further allow operators to support a growing number of customers and potentially billions of connected IoT devices with a consistent quality of service, laying the foundation for smarter cities, connected vehicles, smart factories and offices, remote healthcare and many other connected industries.”

Orange will use Nokia’s technology to work on ultra-broadband leveraging new frequency bands, cloud RAN and massive MIMO, IoT, end-to-end network slicing techniques and energy efficiency techniques.

Dynamic network slicing allows carriers to configure their networks for many various use cases and requirements, and run them simultaneously on the same equipment. There are many high-bandwidth applications for such services, like 8K video or VR gaming.

Commentating on the new partnership, Alain Maloberti, Senior Vice President, Orange Labs Networks at Orange said, “In line with the Orange Essentials 2020 strategy, Orange places innovation at the heart of its drive to deliver an unmatched customer experience. Working with Nokia, we are preparing the evolution of our networks from 4G to 5G, with multiple services on a single infrastructure to deliver a quality tailored for each service requirement. Our new services will enhance people’s lives and accelerate the digitization of vertical industries.

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