India in Numbers: Statistics you cannot miss!

Over the years, India has been one of the most known and researched countries in the world. With so many analysis and theories already drawn related to this incredible nation, here is another statistical article highlighting some of the most amazing facts about the country in a numerical manner.

194 – Population of India is more than the population of 194 countries combined! Being the second most populated in the world with a population of over 130 crores, it is more populous than the cumulated population of 83.26% of all the countries in the world! Whoa :O

72 – India’s population increased by 1.57 crores (15.7 million) in the last year; i.e., India produced 72 countries in last 1 year! Also, India’s population grew by almost 2 and a half times than that of China (6 million), thus making it quite obvious that India might very soon top the population charts.

10.35%- Percentage of English speakers in India. However, even though the ratio might seem to be too low, India has 2nd most English speakers in the world, behind USA.

1652- Number of languages spoken in India! That makes it more than 25% of the total number of languages spoken in the world. Out of these 1652, India has 22 National languages, with more than 150 languages having a sizable speaking population.

1041- Number of movies made by Bollywood (Biggest Indian Film Industry) every year. The count is twice as much as that of Hollywood, making Bollywood a bigger film industry.


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10.5 Million – Number of whatsapp users in India, which is more than any other country. India, therefore, accounts to over 10% of total whatsapp users; however, that is only about 8% of the total population of India. Now you know what India’s favourite time pass is 😛

7- Cost of India’s mars mission per kilometre: How much ever unbelievable it may sound, but India spent only Rs. 7 per kilometre to reach mars! Spending just about $74 million, India succeeded in making it to mars at a much cheaper rate than any other country ever has. The US spent a hefty $671 million dollar for its mars mission. Moreover, India became the first and only country so far to reach mars in its very first attempt!

359- Height of Chenab Bridge, Jammu & Kashmir, i.e. the highest railway bridge in the world! As of now, it is under constructed and is expected to be completed in this year itself. The second highest bridge, called the Beipan River Bridge in China has a height of only 275 meters!

100 Million – Number of people who attend the infamous Kumbh Mela festival, making it the world’s biggest gathering of humans! It is said that the gathering is so huge that it is visible from the space as well.

100000 – Years since India has not invaded any other country. Even though India has always had one of the strongest forces in the world, and currently has the 3rd largest Army and one of the most advanced armed forces, India has always been a peace loving nation. It is widely regarded as the most peaceful country in the world.


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14,00,000 – Number of employees working for the Indian Railways. It is also the 8th largest employer in the world. It has more employees than the population of 14 countries combined! These 1.4 million people work day in and out to make our railway journeys comfortable.

70% – India’s share of spices in the world market. 70% of spices in the world come from India. What is more interesting is the fact that these spices induced the Britishers to invade India in order to carry out their cash rich spice trading smoothly.

$1,00,00,00,000 – Cost of the world’s costliest house ever, which is owned by Indian business tycoon Mr. Mukesh Ambani in the country’s financial hub Mumbai. The house consists of a 27 – story building, including 3 helipads and a 6 storey floor car park! It also has a 4-storey hanging garden! :O

1,00,000 – Number of people fed by The Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, everyday. The people over here are fed regardless of their religious beliefs, caste, colour, class, gender, etc. This is a symbol of unity between the Indians with different religious beliefs.

2050 – The year by which India is expected to be the most populous country on earth. It is assumed that the Indian population will touch the 1.6 billion mark, which would then almost equal to the combined population of China and the US!

11%- Share of world’s gold held by the Indian housewives alone. That is more than the reserves of the US, IMF, Switzerland and Germany put together! No wonder India was known as the Golden Bird.

450 Million – Number of internet users in India, which is greater than the entire population of the US, and more than the population of 150 countries combined!

1,54,919- Number of post offices in India, which is more than any other country. In fact, India has more post offices than the countries ranked 2nd, 3rd and 4th on the list of most post offices combined! They are China, Russia and USA respectively.

Few numbers apparently aren’t enough to describe a nation of India’s caliber, but we hope you enjoyed this unique analysis!


Feature Image Source: The Better India

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