10 Things only an Introvert can Understand

Is it that you don’t like being a part of groups with too many people involved? You don’t feel like partying or moving out of your comfort zone out very often? Are you bad at, or rather not interested to approach unknown people at first? Then you are probably an introvert. I’d rather define an introvert as someone who likes his company more than anything and finds his comfort zone alone. If you can relate to this, here are some more things which only you can understand with perfection:

  1. Misunderstood to be egoistic and arrogant

Introverts are bad at starting conversations and prefer being quiet, especially with new people around. Many people thus misunderstand them to be too egoistic or arrogant and they feel that the introverts don’t talk to them since they feel they are superior to them. It has happened with you too, right? However, this isn’t always true, or is it?

  1. Misunderstood to be a sadist

People often misunderstand you to be a sadist, don’t they? Speaking less or not speaking and all and staying alone all by ourselves is considered to be a sign of sadness or depression in our world. Although, it isn’t true since the introverts are happiest when they are all alone!

  1. You don’t need others around to make you feel good

If you are an introvert, you probably like your own company more than that of the other’s. You can find peace with yourself alone, unlike others who depend on others for their happiness. You can go on hours without talking to anyone or without getting bored.

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  1. The least invited person

The invitations for going out and enjoying start reducing for you because you are known to cancel plans or you always tend to refuse to go out with them. Only an introvert can understand how it feels! 🙁

  1. Doesn’t get involved in Group Conversations!

If you’re an introvert, you don’t really get involved in a group conversation. You are always the quietest person in a group of people. You tend to observe people around and react in your mind rather than reacting in front of others openly. And you sometimes feel frustrated over the shit people talk around you, right?

  1. You love it when plans get cancelled!

Perhaps you are the only one who loves it when plans get cancelled, since you don’t have to lie or make an excuse for not being there. It is actually a blessing in disguise for you more often than not.

  1. No Saturday Nights

Saturday Nights do not exist for introverts. It is just the same night for them where they would enjoy their own company all alone at their own houses. Here is a plus for them – they don’t get mad and neither die of boredom if they don’t have a Saturday night plan unlike others.

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  1. You tend to leave the parties earlier than others

Going to a party in first place is rare for you, and you tend to leave them much earlier than others. You always have an excuse to leave early, although the fact is that you feel suffocated during parties and cannot take them for long hours on the trot.

  1. The one-on-one conversations

No matter how weird you might be for people when you’re in a group, you turn out to be as amazing as anyone else in a one-on-one conversation could be, especially with people whom you are comfortable with. Once you get acquainted with people, you no longer seem to be person whom they thought you were! As I said, introverts are largely misunderstood.

  1. Quality, not quantity!

Introverts concentrate on quality and not on quality, especially when it comes to making friends. They might have few friends or they might be a part of a small circle, but they turn create strong bonds with the few people they get used to.

However, no matter how different from us introverts are, they are all loved by their friends. No matter how quiet they are, the little things say are missed the most, isn’t it? Tag all your quiet buddies and let them know that they are awesome too!

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