Are Indians being divided into Pro Modi and Anti Modi Brigades?

Being one of the most diverse nations in terms of language, culture, religions and faiths is something we Indians talk about with pride and honor. These diversification, though, have led to creation of different school of thoughts time and again. Earlier, people were differentiated on the basis of religion, creed or caste. But as India has grown into a bigger an better society, the things have improved on this ground.

However, though, things have not changed much as far as differentiating people is concerned. Today, people on Social Media have started tagging people as ‘Bhakts’ (Pro Modi Supporters) and ‘Sickulars’ (Non Modi Supporters). And the situation is becoming worse day by day.


The New Divide:

While a comment in favor of the Honorable PM Narendra Modi will get you tagged as a Pro Modi Bhakt, one against him will make you a sickular. The abuses hurled by the two groups against each other are enough to discourage anybody on voicing his or her opinion on Social Media pages. As for me personally, I have been reluctant and afraid to make any comments on political issues these days on the Social media.  What is sad is that probably, there are thousands of other young men around who feel the same.

India has always been a free country and has provided enough freedom to its people. But it is we, the citizens, who have started denying our fellow brothers from these kind of freedoms. My question to all the Pro Modi and Anti Modi eliments out there is, why can’t you be Indians, and see others as Indians?

We must all keep in mind that blindly supporting any government or an individual person is sheer stupidity and should not be encouraged. It is as dangerous for a society as a rebellion is. But at the same time, it is also quite important for us all to understand that while we never fail to criticize our government over every issue, the government deserves some support from the common man when they take some good steps. Similarly, asking questions to the government is a right and a duty of every citizen and that does not make you anti government or anti country for that matter.

Again, even though criticizing is well within our rights, I believe that it is important to draw a line between constructive criticism and criticism out of personal hatred or prejudice. What we can see on social media these days is a horde of pro government and anti government mob abusing each other without any logical reasoning and looking at the interest of the nation on the whole.

While a good step by the government gives a chance to these Pro Modi supporters to abuse the Anti Modi eliments, the sickulars wait for just 1 negative input to abuse the bhakts and the government. People are being judged based on their stance towards the government. The sad part is that people spreading even rational thoughts and comments on political scenarios are judged upon based on their stance towards the government. Why do we need to be a Pro Modi or Anti Modi in first place? Why do we need to be a blind supporter or a blind hater? Can’t we tolerate questions against the government or praise them when they work in interest of the country? Can’t we all be just Indians again?

We must keep in mind that only people’s support and people’s constructive criticism can help the government function better in a democracy. And for such support or questioning, we need to think like an Indian. We need to think in the interest of the Indians. And most importantly, we must become Indians, once again. Being a hardcore follower or a hardcore hater of some person or a political party will only harm the nation.

I don’t want to be a Pro Modi or an Anti Modi citizen. Neither do I  want to be a blind supporter or a blind critic. I just want to be an Indian, who wishes to see the government work in favor of people irrespective of the ruling party. But can we all now leave aside our bhakt and sickular ideology and become Indians again? I’m afraid, as of now, it seems this is too much to ask for.

Parth Parikh

A chartered Accountancy Student, Parth Parikh is a 22 year old aspiring writer and entrepreneur. He loves to express his views on every topic on earth he is aware of! Passion in his veins, love in his heart and work on his mind keep him alive. Born with love for writing in his blood and having an experience of working with multiple websites, he now wishes to start a venture of his own in the form of Just Write Things.

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